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Ranthambore Jeep Safari

Ranthambore National Park A jeep safari is the best way to observe wildlife within National Park Ranthambore. Jeeps with groups of tourists, accompanied by a trained guide are allowed into the park at fixed times during the morning and evening. The jeeps have to follow a fixed route and leave the park by the end of the appointed time. At a given time not more 2 jeeps can travel on a particular route and more then 16 vehicles are not allowed into the park. Apart from jeeps, open vans called canters, which can carry up to 25 people, are also used to carry large groups of people into the park.
The open grasslands, forested areas and ruins of monuments within Ranthambore National park provide many opportunities for wildlife viewing while on a jeep safari of National Park Ranthambore. Tigers can be seen hunting deer, their primary prey, on the open grassy regions. A glimpse of a magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger is a sight that cannot be forgotten.
Many renowned wildlife experts and wildlife photographers have observed and photographed the tigers of Ranthambore, from jeeps within the park. Jeep safaris can also be arranged for an individual photographer or tourist, to see the tigers in their natural habitat. Since the jeeps follow fixed routes, the animals are not unduly disturbed.

Some of the rules to be observed during a jeep safari in National Park Ranthambore are:
Jeeps must leave National Park within the specified time
Playing music or making loud noises is prohibited
Carrying weapons or firearms within the park is not allowed
Getting down from the safari vehicle and walking in the park is not allowed
Smoking or drinking within the park premises is not permitted
Littering the park with plastic bottles, tetrapacks, food wrappers or any material is not permitted
The motto to be followed while on a jeep safari is Ranthambore National Park is 'Take Nothing but Photographs, leave nothing but Tire Tracks.'