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Ranthambore Best Time to visit

Ranthambore National Park The best time to visit National Park Ranthambore is from February to April. The weather is pleasant during the day and the animals can be seen in the forests even in the daytime.
Rajasthan, the North West Indian state in which National Park Ranthambore is situated, has a climate with stark contrasts. The daytime temperature during the summer months is extremely hot, while the nighttime temperature during the winter months is very cold. However daytime temperatures during winter and spring are very moderate, making this the right time to travel to National Park Ranthambore.

In summer the temperature in Ranthambore can exceed 45 degrees Celcius, while the temperature during winter nights can drop to a very cold 2 degrees C. During the winter, the day temperature ranges from 16-20 degrees Celcius, which is congenial weather for a safari tour. While the wind is chilly during the early morning and late in the evening, wearing a windcheater and warm clothing will keep you protected from the cold. The added attraction of visiting National Park Ranthambore in winter, is the number of migratory birds that come here from colder regions in Central Asia and Europe.
While the park is at its greenest after the monsoon and during the winter, summer is actually a good time to see the animals, because the vegetation thins out in the summer and the animals come more often to the watering holes in the park. National Park Ranthambore is open to the public every year from October 1st to June 30th. The Park is closed during the monsoon months