Ranthambore national Park tripadvisor

Kachida Valley

Ranthambore National Park This valley, which consists of many rocky outcrops and low hills, is located close to the outskirts of the park. A jeep would be the ideal mode of transport when trying to visit this area. This area contains a majority of the Panther population of the park. The panthers avoid venturing into the main jungle to avoid conflicts with tigers, who are known to kill them. This area also has a good population of beers.
The varied landscape of National Park Ranthambore makes it a fascinating place to visit. Each region has different topography and flora and fauna. The Kachida Valley is a region in the National Park Ranthambore where most of the 40 odd leopards in the park can be found. The leopards prefer to stay away from the more central areas of the park, where the tigers are the dominant predator.
Other animals seen in Kachida valley include deer and wild boar, which are the leopards prey and sloth bears, which are mostly solitary creatures, but many of them can be seen in Kachida Valley, foraging for fruit or honey from the honeycombs on the trees.