Tourist Attractions of Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer popularly known as the golden city renowned across the globe for its sand dunes, camel safaris, impressive forts, beautiful temples and appealing havelies. It is one of the popular attractions Rajasthan Tour visited by scores of tourists from several parts of the globe. Some of the popular tourist attractions in Jaisalmer are:

Jaisalmer Fort:


It is one magnificent desert forts in India’s built in 1156 AD by the Bhati Rajput ruler Rawal Jaisal. The fort is located 250 feet high on the Trikuta Hill and protected by three strong walls. This fort is popularly known as Sonar Quila because it is made up of golden yellow sandstone. The magnificence of this fort lies in its narrow lanes, exquisite havelis, sculptured Jain temples and 99 towers. This fort is among the foremost attractions of Jaisalmer Tour visited by scores of tourists around the year.

Jaisalmer Havelies:


Havelis are the beautiful sandstone mansions of wealthy merchants renowned for its intricate design, decorations and beautiful stone carvings. These havelis enthrall tourists through its rich-carvings, stone inlays, ornamental lattice and tracery works. Salim Singh Ki Haveli, Patwon Ji Ki Haveli and Nathmalji Ki Haveli are some of the popular havelis renowned for its architectural beauty.

Jain temples:


This is another popular tourist attraction of Jaisalmer situated inside the Jaisalmer fort. These temples were built in the 12th century known for their exquisite work of art and architecture. The construction and decorations of these temples resemble the Dilwara temples. Among all the temples, the most exquisite one is Parswanath temple. The wall of this temple is carved with the design of animals and humans. The dome of the temple is adorned by an Amalak and a beautiful water vase that contains a lotus.


Jaisalmer the Golden City of India is known for its magnificent forts, enchanting palaces, havelis (mansions) and Jain temples. Some of the other well-known attractions of this place are Amar Saggar, Bada Bag, Mool Sagar, Sam Sand Dunes, Desert National Park, Tazia Tower and Gadsisar Lake.

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