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Jaisalmer Desert Rajasthan


Like its colorful culture the festivals of Jaisalmer are also full of colors that represent the royal and traditional heritage of the region. The colorful festivals of Jaisalmer are famous all over India. All the festivals are celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm. A number of local people along with national and international visitors take part with great zeal in each celebration.

Famous Festivals of Jaisalmer:

Every festival of Jaisalmer has its pretty importance, but some of the most popular are Desert Festival, Teej, Deepawali and Holi. Among this festivals Desert Festival is the most important as well as the most awaited festival of Jaisalmer.

Desert Festival:

Desert Festival is celebrated in the month of February. This colorful festival is celebrated for three days. It reveals the local elements, heritage and colorful culture of Rajasthan. Desert festival was started in Jaisalmer with the purpose to attract the foreign tourists and at the same time to introduce them the rich culture of exotic Rajasthan. This grand festival is sponsored by the ”Rajasthan State Tourism Corporation”.

Attractions of Desert Festival:

The main attractions of the Desert Festival are Snack charmers, amazing puppet show, acrobats, music and dance performances by folks. However dance and the music shows are rather being performed during night hours. Renowned dancers and musicians from all over Rajasthan create a fascinating environment with their classic performances. Other major highlights of Desert festival are traditional gymnasts and competitions like turban tying competition, longest mustaches competition etc. The ship of desert – camels also take part in this wonderful fest. The events like camel races, camel dance, camel polo and camel decoration, are pretty exciting.



Teej is the festivals for married women. This is a very colorful fest, when all the married women wear new, bright-colored dresses and ornaments. They apply Mehendi (hina) in their hands. This is the auspicious day, when Goddess Parvati is worshiped and women pray for the long life of their husbands.