Pushkar Fair – The Legacy of Rajasthan Culture

Rajasthan is one of the attractive destinations of the world. This is a state located in the northern belt of India. Rajasthan is quite famous for is rich culture as well as traditions. The famous Pushkar fair in this exotic state describes the rich Rajasthan culture. The camel plays a good role in this fair and this animal is known as the ship of the desert. The Pushkar camel fair starts in the month of Ashtami and ends on the full moon day. In this fair, there is one week of trading. This is a beautiful festival and pulls enormous crowds and there is no difference between the foreigner and native. All are equal in this fair and it becomes a pure entertainment.

You can spend the cultural holidays in Rajasthan during the season of this fair. This is a good option. When you attend such gatherings, you are well acquainted with the culture of the state. Besides this, you will also have the good fortune to participate in the folk dancing. You will also interact with dancers, musicians, traders, comedians and acrobats. You can even be he participant or a judge in the solo performance depending on your experience in these areas.


The Pushkar camel fair takes place during the winter season and during the time; the winds are blowing from the south eastern part of the state. You will feel the exotic and royal touch of the sand dunes. When you read the books and journals having Rajasthan information, you will find write up regarding the camel decoration in such a fair. The camel and cattle races become part of the event. The tourists from different parts of the world love to participate in this fair because of the innocence of the villagers. They love to mingle with them.

The religious touch associated with Pushkar fair

This fair revolves around the famous temple of Pushkar and the only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma, a principal deity in Hindu religion. There is also a lake and this has got 52 bathing Ghats. As per the legend, because of the curse of lord Shiva, the worship to Brahma was stopped completely. All you can say is that the Pushkar fair is simply for the purpose of joy and happiness on the faces of people. After enjoying the fair, you can enter the temple.

The stall attractions form part and parcel of the fair. You can get multiple gifs for your loved ones. You can get handicrafts and traditional items in this fair.

Pushkar Fair India October 2009

The holy dip – a religious significance

The people who attend the fair also take a dip in the lake. It has a religious significance for Hindus.. As per the legend in Hindu mythology, the sins of previous births are wiped off after having dip in this lake. This is a faith and the belief of he devotes.

You can enjoy the Pushkar fair along with your friends or family. You should maintain some basic precautions while attending the fair.