Historical Forts To Visit In Rajasthan

Historical Forts In Rajasthan – 

Rajasthan the land of maharaja’s . Rajasthan is a state in India where the fort and palaces are the major attractions of this princely state.  Every fort in rajasthan has own history. The battle the y witnessed are the historical value. Visit rajasthan and its forts to know about there history. and explore the rich culture and tradition of rajasthan with us.

Here are some Historical Forts Of Rajasthan – 

Amer Fort Jaipur :-
 Among the famous forts in Jaipur overlooking Maota Lake, stands the majestic Amber or Amer Fort , which was inhabited by the Rajput royals until Jaipur was established.  Perching up on the hill, this fort can be reached by a jeep ride or an elephant ride. It opens its doors to the perfect blend of Hindu and Mughal architecture which shows the grandeur of yesteryears with its elaborate mirror work. Some of the places to visit here are the Shila Mata temple, Jas Mandir and the splendid Sheesh Mahal. Brilliant paintings, stone and mirror works are exceptional here.  One has to stay back till evening when the fort comes to life with its sound and light show which is impressive and enthralling.

Golden Fort Jaisalmer :-
The Jaisalmer Fort also goes by the name Sonar Quila (Golden Fort) as it rises from the desert itself and seems to become one with the golden hues of the sand. The setting sun adds its own magic and shrouds the fort with mystique. The fort is constructed in the classic style of the royals by local craftsmen. This fort is a world heritage site. Over the past few centuries, this fort has witnessed several battles and has successfully endured its pride and glory of being one of the magnificent forts in Rajasthan. However, kings and battles are no more persistent and can be found on the pages of history books, leaving behind their immortal legacy and bonding with this fort.

Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur :-
Mehrangarh Fort is the best tourist spot in Jodhpur city, as it is the most explored one by the tourists that visit Jodhpur. Rising perpendicular and impregnable from a hill which is 125 metres above Jodhpur’s skyline is the Mehrangarh Fort. This historic fort is one of the most famous in India and is packed with history and legends. Mehrangarh Fort still bears the imprints of cannonball attacks courtesy the armies of Jaipur on its second gate.

Chittaur Fort Chittaurgarh :-
One of the oldest forts in Rajasthan that was built in the 7th century during the Mauryan period… the Chittaur Fort is yet another magnificent architecture that arrests the eyes of travellers from all over the world. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in India that is ramped up on a hilltop spreading over an area of 692 acres and unfolds the chivalrous history of the Mewar rulers of Sisodia. The Chittaur Fort has been witness to several battles, of which the Mewar Kings against Allauddin Khilji in 1303, Rana Sanga against Mughal Emperor Babur in 1527, Bikramjeet Singh against Bahadur Shah in 1535, and Maharana Udai Singh II against the Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1567 (final siege) holds an important place in the royal history of Rajasthan. The fort complex comprises approximately 65 historic structures. The seven massive stone gates – Padan Pol, Bhairon Pol, Hanuman Pol, Ganesh Pol, Jodia Pol, Laxman Pol and Ram Pol (the main gate); palaces include the Rana Kumbha Mahal, Kanwar Pade Ka Mahal, Ratan Singh’s Palace, Badal Mahal and the beautiful Padmini’s Palace.

Kumbhalgarh Fort :-
Kumbhalgarh Fort is one of the five hill forts of Rajasthan that were declared the UNESCO world heritage site in 2013. It is situated in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan and lies 82 kilometres northwest of the city of Udaipur. Constructed on the foothills of Aravalli ranges, it is surrounded by thirteen hill peaks of the ranges and is perched at an elevation of 1,914 m. The magnificent fort is situated in the middle of a forest which has been turned into a wildlife sanctuary. It is the second largest and the most important Mewar fort of Rajasthan after Chittorgarh palace. Under the reign of Mewar kings in Rajasthan, the majestic fort was built by Rana Kumbha in the 15th century between AD 1443 and 1458 under the direction of Mandan who was a very renowned architect of that time. The fort was constructed in the exact same place where an old castle existed which was attributed to Samprati who was a Jaina prince of the second century BC. It is named after the King Kumbha.

Junagarh Fort Bikaner :-
One of the prominent landmarks in the heart of Bikaner city, the Junagarh Fort is an outstanding example of art, architecture and culture. The composite structure with several palaces, temples and mansions holds a fusion of Mughal, British and Rajasthani style of architecture. Within the baronial fort walls lies the ruins of the old stone fort that was built in 1478 by Maharaja Rao Bika, one of the Rathore clans. The construction of the Junagarh Fort was started in 1589 and was completed in 1594. The most impressive being the Phool Mahal, which is the oldest part of the fort.  Some other elegant architectural work are reflected from the Har Mandir, Karan Pol, Suraj Pol, Chand Pol and Fateh Pol. The intricately carved Jain temples and havelis within the rampart are the other tourist attractions in Bikaner.

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