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Jaipur Sanghiji Jain Temple Car Rental

Shri Digamber Jain Atishya Kshetra Mandir, Sanghiji is an ancient Jain temple in Sanganer, Rajasthan made of red stone. The ancient Shri Digamber Jain temple of Sanganer is 16 km from Jaipur.
Sanganer's name is particularly notable in the ancient cities of Rajasthan. Sanganer is on the flat ground. On which river Saraswati flowed.
Sanganer is located 13 kilometers south of Jaipur city of Rajasthan's capital. It is named Sangrampur in ancient texts. This name is associated with the Fourth Kings. Sanganer had the states of Champawati, Chakusu, Andakgarh and Amargarh, who was envious of Sanganer's prosperity, glory and prosperity. Together with these kings, these cities were destroyed by the likelihood of Swargapuri. The soldiers of these mounted kings were able to overcome this Adinath temple too, but they could not even enter the boundary of the temple, as if they were made by the protector Dev of the temple. The tyrannical kings changed their sense and expressed the sense of the philosophy of Adinath Baba and entered the temple and offered Adinath Baba with a forehead and apologized and presided over the protection of this temple and the remaining Jain Shravakas also gave them the Chhadiyan.

In the war of the border region of Ammer, Vijayashree Rajkumar was involved in the war. After Vijay, the prince says to Ammer. On the way they saw a deserted settlement of Sanganer. As soon as Rajkumar Tiger saw the Jain temple with magnificent peaks, he was filled with happiness. He felt as if the peaks on the peaks were congratulating him. He told the ministers that if the summits are calling to me, take me there. He made a visit to Goddhidev Adinath Bhagwan and Parshvanath Lord. From Baba's philosophy, he received superhuman peace. Accordingly, when Rajkumar Saya sat on Aamer's throne, this settlement was beautifully settled first. It is the glory of Adinath Baba, which is very much appreciated by Sanganer in the past.

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