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Kanak Valley

Introduction to Kanak Valley
As one moves down from Amber, one gets a sweeping view of the beautiful Kanak valley. The valley, which is formed by the Aravalli ranges, is next to the Amber town and extends to Jaipur. As one moves further down, one comes across green hills and valleys with dhok and kadamba trees. On the way are lots of cascading waterfalls, brooks, ponds and tons of vegetation, including many flowering and fragrant variety of plants. w

Amidst such scenic beauty is the temple complex that is three centuries old. In the complex is the temple dedicated to Govind deoji and Natawarji, and also a garden, which is called the Kanak Bagh. On the side of the valley is the Dharbawati River, which earlier used to flow through the Jaipur city but now has more or less become a lake, Mansagar.

The beautiful valley received it name about 280 years ago by the ruler and founder of Jaipur, Sawai Jai Singh. Strangely, the Kanak valley made the ruler think of Vrindavan, where Lord Krishna spent his childhood, which is why an idol of Shri Govind Deoji (an incarnation of Lord Krishna) was installed here. Even now the place has not lost its significance and is considered a sacred place, which is why during the many festivals such as Gangaur and Teej, the procession that come from Amber make a stop here to pay respect to the Lord. When one visits this place now, one is amazed to hear that, for a long time this place was completely neglected by everyone and was fast turning into a ruin. The screens, intricate carvings, chhatris and arches all seemed to be falling apart. If that was not bad enough, even the vegetation and natural surroundings of the place were quickly deteriorating. Fortunately, before it was too late, restoration work started on this site and further damage was prevented.

Kanak Virandavan,JaipurTravel Tour The temple is truly a sight to behold with its chhatris, jali and mirror work. The 'panni' work on the garba griha , the seat of the lord is truly beautiful. There is also a fountain, parikrama, which has been carved from a single marble block. Between the two temples is the Kanak Garden. It has a series of fountains, and is divided into eight sections. It has lush green grass and bestows even more beauty to the temples.

Though the Kanak valley is simply breathtaking, many say that if you really wish to enjoy the beauty of the temples, then you should visit them at night, when they are lit up and hymns and prayers are sung to lord Krishna, which make the place seem even more heavenly and divine.

If you wish to come to Kanak Valley and see this beautiful site, then you can easily take a train, a flight or a bus to Jaipur. From there you can reach Kanak Valley by bus.