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Jaipur Galtaji Temple Car Rental

Galtaji temple is a real treat for Hindu ascetics, belonging to the Vaishnavite Ramanandi sect. Besides religion, it is also a pre-historic site in the city, which makes it a popular tourist attraction among the global travelers.
Also known as ‘Monkey temple’, the complex of Galtaji houses many temples, with its main temple built in pink sandstone. Encompassing natural fresh water springs and tanks, the temple complex depicts the old times, when the place was used as popular bathing ghats. Holding quite prominence is the Galta Kund, which never runs dry.
These water reserves are still made in use for bathing by the devotees traveling here, especially at the time of Makar Sankranti. Besides, numerous pavilions with rounded roofs, carved pillars and painted walls of the Galtaji temple in Jaipur are also appreciated by archaeology lovers.

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