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Nathmal Ki Haveli Jaisalmer

Rajasthan's appeal as a tourist destination has reached far off corners of the globe. The serene beauty of the place, the historical importance and a touch of adventure of Rajasthan tours will offer a great tour to the tourists. There are a variety of attractions in Rajasthan. Among them, the monuments and havelis occupy a significant place as they portray the rich history and culture of the place. These marvelous structures are spread across the whole of Rajasthan. As a result, Jaisalmer also has its share of these attractions. In fact, Jaisalmer being one of the most historically important cities has a number of these structures. The Nathmalji ki Haveli is one of the havelis in Jaisalmer that manages to attract a large number of tourists. It boasts a marvelous architecture and a number of features that provides you a close look at the rich history of the place. This mainly lures the tourists.

History of Nathmalji ki Haveli
Tours to Nathmalji ki Haveli are always a great experience for tourists. There is also a rich history attached to the Haveli. Previously, it used to be the house of Mohta Nathmal. Mohta Nathmal was the prime minister at the Jaisalmer royal court in 1885. The marvelous Haveli is actually the result of the excellence of two Muslim engineers, Lulu and Hathi. Visit Nathmalji ki Haveli in order to gain an in depth knowledge about the history of the region.

Attractions of Nathmalji ki Haveli
The haveli is also a specimen of excellent Rajasthani architecture. Its architecture is actually a blend of both Rajput structural design and Islamic sculpture. The various architectural features of haveli will surely make you wonder about the excellent skills of the craftsmen of that era. There are two wings of the haveli but they are built differently. However, the amazing architecture imparts a flawless harmony to the wings. The two large sized elephants made of sandstone greet you right at the entrance of the haveli. The walls of the haveli have also a lot of decoration. They have stone figurines of birds, elephants, horses and flowers. It also has a number of other interesting patterns that have a lot of resemblance with the pieces of jewelry.

Nathmalji Ki Haveli also offers the beauty of carved screen windows, beautiful balconies and murals. These various features of haveli will surely reflect the tales of war and obsession. It also reflects the grandeur and splendor of royal Rajasthani lifestyle.
A large number of tour operators offer a Jaisalmer tours that include a visit to the Nathmalji ki Haveli. The skyrocketing popularity of this haveli among tourists makes it a must visit during tours to Jaisalmer. Among the various options offered, you can choose the one which suits you the most. However, try to get it from an experienced and expert tour operator. Book your tour as soon as possible and go for one of the most tour of your lifetime.