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Lohargal has great historical importance – regarded as the place of Bhima, one of the heroes of the great epic of India – the Mahabharata. The holy shrine of Lohargal is situated at the foot hills of the Aravalli Ranges. In the Varāha Purana, a place named Lohārgala is stated to be ruled over by the Mleccha kings.
There is a holy water tank at Lohargal, where pilgrims who cannot afford to go all the way to Varanasi come to wash away their sins. According to myth a mighty and huge army of Pandavas came to bathe here after their glorious victory on the battle fields only to find that their weapons and armours dissolved in the water. The literal meaning of Lohargal is Loha (Iron)+Gal (To melt), means that melts the iron.

Other tourist attractions worth visiting include Malket, Barkhandi, Gyan Bawari, Bhim Kund and Chetan Das Bawari. A large fair, held here every year from Krishna Janmashtami to Amawashya, is a major draw. The nearest bus station is at Golyana. Regular buses are available to Nawalgarh, Udaipurwati and Sikar.
Shri Navrang Singh Jakhar along with Sahib Singh Verma, the Chief Minister of Delhi inaugurated the Lohargal Jat Dharmsala on 30 June 2004. The attempts of Navrang Singh Jakhar to develop this site have succeeded in making it a good centre for tourist attraction.

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