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Rock Climbing in Himachal Pradesh

Rock Climbing The formidable, lush mountains of Himachal Pradesh offer one of the most effective locations for undertaking Mountaineering and Rock Climbing. Naturally blessed with most picturesque landscapes, rugged terrains, green plant and exceptional weather condition, Mountaineering and also Rock Climbing in Himachal Pradesh has charm of its own. The tasks of Mountaineering and Rock Climbing require considerable strength, stamina and mental endurance. With the permission from tourism board, mountaineers can enjoy this incredible activity which also full of great fun and thrill.

Mountaineering & Rock Climbing in Himachal Pradesh is ideal delighted in at the Himalayan Ranges of Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal and also Chandra Bhaga. Several of the significant rock climbing sites such as Palastu Optimal, the Relationship Optimal in Pir Panjal Array, Mount Deo Tibba, Beas Kund, Mount Hanuman Tibba, Shitidhar Hill and also Seven Sis offer great adventure as well as beautiful locations.

Rock climbing in Himachal Pradesh: Kasol
Kasol is a popular destination for adventure seekers, and has a few rock-climbing and rappelling spots. You’ll be close to the Parvati river, and will get spectacular views all along.

Rock climbing in Himachal Pradesh: Tirthan Valley
Although a little harder to get to, Tirthan Valley offers a chance for some fun rock climbing in Himachal Pradesh. It’s not as crowded as some of the other spots, so you’ll be able to focus on your technique and the experience.

Best time for rock climbing in Himachal Pradesh
If you’re going rock climbing in Himachal, you should plan to go during the months of mid-April to end of June, or from mid-September to end of October. This is when the weather is favourable. The rocks may get a little warm in summer, but the breezes keep you cool.