Weekend Getaways From Jaisalmer

Rajasthan is synonymous to sand dunes, camels and grand palaces. Its imposing forts, majestic palaces, colorful havelis with frescoes, quaint villages, culinary delights and even the local craft works, all offer an eclectic mix for the guests to come and feast on. Tour to Rajasthan is a pleasure experience as traveling to any of the major locales here is simply convenient and hassle free. Jaipur, Jodhpur- Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Mt. Abu and Bikaner are a few of the most popular destination
s one can visit while on Rajasthan Tours. Besides being well connected to each other, they are also well accessible from major Indian destinationcamping-in-jaisalmer-heads. These destinations belong to the various popular genres as desert hunts, hill stations as well as weekend getaways from the nearby metropolitan cities.

Rajasthan Tours facilitate one to understand the history of the place. The chivalrous rulers that once ruled over this land not only set examples
of their bravery within the state, but they are also popular heroes when it comes to the Indian context as well. The stories about the royal families and their heroic deeds as well as their taste in culture and art are famous all over and guests coming here get an insight into all these features and many more.

Tours to Rajasthan also take one across the gorgeous wildlife housed here. Numerous attractions like the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary and Ranthambore National Park top the itinerary of the touristweekend getaway Jaisalmers coming to India.

One can also soak oneself in the soulful music and cultural heritage of the place while on holidays in Rajasthan. Be it the Manganiar singers or the Kalbeliya dancers, guests here can definitely relish on every aspect that the place has to offer. The highlight of all tour to Rajasthan is perhaps a chance to relive royalty. Yes! Most of the heritage hotels located here are actually forts and palaces converted into luxury hotels and many of them are still residences of the royal family. So on special occasions, one just might get a chance to meet the royal family members too.