Visit Pushkar Camel Fair To Enjoy The Traditional Indian Festival

Pushkar Camel Fair 2018 :-

Pushkar Camel Fair 2018 is nothing but an annual cattle fair being conducted on Pushkar where nearly 30,000 camels are used to be congregated astonishingly. Pushkar is a small desert town found in the Indian state of Rajasthan. As a peculiar and captivating sight, it will give you an excellent opportunity to witness an Indian festival but in the traditional style. The Pushkar Camel Fair is celebrated with the intention to grasp the attention of local cattle traders to perform their business during the divine Karthika Purnima festival, which is held in Pushkar every year in the month of Karthika. With camel trading, the fair has developed into a major tourist attraction followed by a series of activities being arranged by the Tourist Department, Rajasthan.

A Brief History of Pushkar Camel Fair :-

Pushkar remains restrained in a high esteem by the Indian Populace especially Hindus among five pilgrimages including Puri, Rameswaram, Badrinath and Dwarka. The story behind this is, in a battle, an evil spirit named Vajra Nabh has been killed by the Lord Brahma with his Lotus flower. The petals of that lotus flower reached earth and landed in and around the Pushkar where divine lakes sprang up. Some legends say that Pushkar Lake is the only point surrounded by a number of temples and palaces. The Brahma Temple present here is the only temple found for Brahma in India. The celebration of Pushkar fair lasts for five day and the fifth day is believed to be the most significant day during which the Pushkar lake had sprung up by the Lord Brahma. So, peoples from various parts of the country are used to take a divine dip in this lake.

Celebration of Pushkar Camel Fair :-

Why Pushkar Fair Festival is celebrated every year? For cattle trading, because cattle like camels, sheep, goat, cows and other domestic livestocks, are traded in large amount during this fair. In addition to cattle trading, parading of well decorated camels will be taken place. Despite animals of various types are traded, camels remain the top of the list. For parading, camels are cleanly washed and decorated with multi-colored cloths and jewelries to give interesting patterns. You can able to see bangles and bells around camel’s hoof, which jingles while they are walking around the sand dunes. Piercing the nose of camel is a custom practice in Pushkar. There is no doubt, Pushkar fair festival is the largest cattle fair, which you have ever seen around the world.

Highlights of Pushkar Camel Fair :-

Camel competition is one among the striking features exists in Pushkar camel fair. Beautifully adorned camels will parade and in turn, compete to win the beauty contest. During this competition, people in large number are used to be seated on camel’s back. Then, the camel jogs around the sandy dunes and throws its riders from its back. This makes the spectators more cheerful. The prize will be given to the camel that accommodates individuals in maximum number on its back. Together with spectators, the animals would also get pleasure from the fervor and festival. The camels are seen grooming and tried to enjoy without missing a single bit of attention they have received at the festival.

Dates of Pushkar Camel Fair :-

The fair is normally held every year in the month of November. The official announcement for Pushkar Camel Fair for the year 2018 will be between November 15 and November 23. The camel action will take place only on first four days and after which the time for being focused on heightened religious celebrations. So, you have to come before the commencement of the fair in order to take part in the fair with a full swing.

Major Attractions :-

Pushkar fair is not just for cattle trading and camel competition, yet also exhibiting varied colorful arts of Rajasthan for the curious tourists. The artifacts displayed include jewelries for cattle like saddles, beads, strings, cowries and saddle-straps to things for human folks. Some of the major attractions are assumed to be Nagaur’s bead Necklace and silver ornaments and Ajmer’s printed textiles, patch work as well as tie & dye fabrics. The fair doesn’t end with the fashion as Pushkar fair is best known for its varied body tattoos. During this time, each and every household is found to set up certain stalls for attracting the passing crowd. But, keep it in mind that there is no space for alcohol or even vegetarian food because Pushkar is of course a religious site where the above mentioned things are strictly prohibited.

Things to do in Pushkar :-

Pushkar Fair is really a grand event and therefore, you can indulge yourself in many a number of  exciting activities including Hot air ballooning, camel/horse riding, quad bike riding, safari trip at Sunset, shopping and even a sanctified bath in the Pushkar Lake as well.

  • Hot air ballooning: This activity is mainly for raising your adrenaline.
  • Horse / camel riding: Riding on camels and horse is the most popular attraction of visitors
  • Sunset safari trip: Watching camel carts swinging around the desert at sunset will really offer you a unique experience. Don’t forget to bring camera to capture those wonderful scenes.
  • Quad bike racing: Do you want to explore the nature of Thar Desert? If so, then you can do so on quad biking, which lasts from 15 minutes to 1 hour as per the wish of travelers.

How to reach :-

It is very easy to reach Pushkar from different parts of the country as it seems to be well connected and availability of different ways of transport for travel. Those who prefer to travel via roadways can reach Ajmer where you will able to get bus services on a regular basis. Ajmer also has a railway station just 11 Km from Pushkar. For people travelling through, Jaipur Sanganer airport is the nearest airport, which is 146 KM from Pushkar.

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