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Horse Riding Pushkar

In the Pushkar Horse Safari Tour, you will have horse safari from Nawalgarh to Pushkar. Pushkar Horse Safari. During this tour, you will also visit Nawalgarh, Parasrampura, Lohargal, Rewasa, Sujas, Kochor, Sulyas, Ghatwa, Shyamgarh, Bhagwanpura, Nawa Salt Lake, Salemabad, Babicha, Mayapur, Charanwas and Pushkar.

Horse Safari, Horse Trekking, Horse Riding, Pushkar Fair For riders we offer an outstanding horse safari starting in the beautiful countryside and riding to Pushkar Camel Fair on fine Marwari horses.

This exhilarating ride captures the spirit of a traditional journey to the great mela.
The safari is accompanied by a friendly, experienced team who take great care of both horses and riders.

Horse Safari, Horse Trekking, Horse Riding, Pushkar Fair
You may extend your stay at Pushkar to enjoy the fair, and the Pushkar ride may be combined with any of our tours.

Please contact us for details of the ride to Pushkar and our other exciting Rajasthan horse safari itineraries available throughout the year.

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