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Jaisalmer Village Safari

The landscape of Rajasthan is scattered with a number of villages and hamlets, telltale sign of tree grove and cattle. The most colorful villages are found in Jaisalmer region of Rajasthan. The typical village has always been difficult to spot till one is actually upon it.

The deserts in Rajasthan are very populated. In spite of the challenges that these deserts offers, people have sited all over the Thar Desert and have innovated in their own small ways to make the arid sands habitable.

The villages in Jaisalmer are made up of hamlets, the most basic form of civilization, consist of a collection of huts that are circular and have thatched roofs. The walls are covered with the sand, cow dung, and hay. The bonfire between these hamlets is mesmerizing.

Jaisalmer is a one-stop destination for fun, food and entertainment. Here, you will find mandir, village bazaar; folk entertainment, animal rides, village style photo studio, jyotish, mehendi etc. are one of the few. The simplicity of people, the color and tradition will touch your heart deep down. The live dance and music will be irresistible for the young and old to join and shake a leg too! You will relish every moment of village of Jaisalmer.