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Tazia Tower in Jaisalmer

Tazia Tower is one of the most popular tourist spots in Jaisalmer. In fact Tazia tower tours have gained so much popularity that a Jaisalmer tour is considered incomplete without a visit to this tower. The marvelous architecture of the tower makes it a class apart from the Rajputana style of architecture. The tower is built in a beautiful turret formation. It is intricately carved. The design done by Muslim craftsmen impart immense beauty to the tower.

The Tazia tower is located near the Sagar Gate. It rises from the 'Badal Mahal'. Badal Mahal is also known as the Palace of Clouds. This palace boasts a pagoda styled formation. Tourists visiting the tower are often spellbound with the structure of the tower. It is a five-tiered tower. It was built as a gift by the architects to the royal patrons. The beautiful tower is actually a replication of the Mausoleum of various Imams.

The Tazia Tower in Jaisalmer demands a careful study. Each of the tiers of the tower has got a distinct significance. Each of the tiers also has beautiful balconies. It showcases the magnificence of Muslim architecture. It reflects the grandeur and splendor of the royal era of Rajasthan. The mystic charm of the tower will provide a wonderful experience to the tourists.