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Mount Abu Tour

Mount Abu is a hill station located in Sirohi district Rajasthan. It is the only hill station of Rajasthan. Nakki Lake, a beautiful lake surrounded by lofty hills.
You can derive pleasure by boating on the lake and also a delightful horse ride along the lake.
There are many sunset points in Mount Abu, giving a breathtaking view of sunset. You can also enjoy an exciting horse ride to explore various points in the hill station.

Gaumukh Temple : Regarded by Hindus as one of the most holy places of worship, the Gaumukh Temple is a symbol of their pride. Gaumukh Temple is a must visit place in Mount Abu.
The name of the place Gaumukh has been originated from a stone carving in the topmost part of the temple, which shows a cow’s (gau) mouth (mukh) releasing a torrential flow of water to a tank.
The Gaumukh Temple is also famous for religious pilgrimages and meditation.

Adhar Devi Temple : It is situated three kilometers away from town. There are around 365 steps lead to ‘Durga temple' built in a natural cleft in the rock. Mount Abu looks beautiful from up here.
This temple is one of the prominent tourist spots of Mount Abu. It is believed that the image of the goddess was originally hanging in mid-air, hence the name ‘Adhar Devi' is derived from it..

Nakki Lake : Nakki Lake is in the heart of Mount Abu and is a great tourist spot. The lake derives its name from the legend that it was scooped out by a god, using only his nails, or nakh.
It is the only Indian artificial lake situated at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. The Nakki Lake is recognized as a holy lake and honored by few divisions of the neighboring folks.

Sunset Point : In the evening, in the middle of a festive atmosphere, several people come to this area found in South West of Nakki Lake that offers a beautiful view of the sun going down.
The scenic hills, quiet environment, and the pleasant weather make it a most preferable spot among the tourists.

How to Reach Mount Abu
By Air : The closest airport to Mount Abu is Maharana Pratap Udaipur Airport, Dabok (Udaipur) which is around 207-km
By Train : The closest railway station is Abu Road (29-km) located on Mumbai-Ahmedabad -Ajmer-Jaipur-Delhi route.
By Road : It is connected to all the major towns in northern and western India.