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Mathura Tour

The bith place of Lord Krishna was Mathura. It is also known as Brij Bhoomi and is a major pilgrimage place for Hindus.
This is where Lord Krishna played his flute and seen with the gopis. Mathura is famous for the Krishnajanmabhumi Mandir, Vishram Ghat and Sati Burj.
Mathura is also a vital crafts centre. It is beneficial to visit the Mathura region for the sheer pleasure of knowing the early years of the life of Lord Krishhna.

The Dvarkadhish Temple
The Dvarkadhish Temple was created in 1814.It is a one of the famous temple in the center of Mathura town. It is maintained by followers of Vallabhacarya.
It has interesting architecture. It is situated in the eastern part of Mathura, near the Yamuna River. The temple is a hub of activity during the festive days of Holi, Janmashtami and Diwali.

Krishna Janmbhoomi
Mathura is the birth place of Lord Krishna who is most famous incarnation of the Lord Vishnu. Mathura attracts millions of travelers from across the globe ever year.
The devotees and the tourists make sure they visit this holy city during any of the festivities of Holi, Janmasthami and Diwali.
There are several places of tourist attractions in Mathura almost all have religious association. Mathura Shri Krishna Janmbhoomi is a very sacred and religious monument.

Rangbhoomi is located near to the post office in Mathura.It is known to be the wrestling arena where Krishna killed Kansa in a duel.
According to Hindu mythology, Kansa had put parents of Lord Krishna in prison and annexed the throne. Krishna killed him and frees his parents replacing his maternal grandfather Ugrasena on the throne.

Vishram Ghat
It is one of the most holy riverfront-bathing ghat for the hindus. After killing the ruthless Kansa his maternal uncle, it is believed that Lord Krishna took rest here.
In the evening the arti took place at Vishram Ghat is an memorable sight.
Devotees float small earthen lamps in the river and the dark waters look beautiful with little flickering flames.