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Jaisalmer Tour

The History of Jaisalmer has its own significance. Jaisalmer has its own glorious past to talk about. The city is founded by Raja Rawal Jaisal, a Bhatti Rajput ruler, in 1156 A D. In medieval times, Jaisalmer continued to be one of the best tourist places because of its location.
It is related with rajputana dynasty. The ruling family of the Jaisalmer State associated with Bhati Clan of Yadu Rajputs of Chandrawasnshi (Lunar) race who claim descent from Lord Krishna, the defied hero who ruled at Dwarka.

Sightseeing Places in Jaisalmer:
Jaisalmer Fort : Jaisalmer Fort rises like a incredible mirage out of the sands of the Thar Desert, the fantastic contours of its 99 bastions softened by the golden hue of the stone. It was built in 1156 by Maharawal Jaisal. This fort stands on the peak of the 80 m high Trikuta Hill.
In medieval period, Jaisalmer’s whole population lived inside the fort and even now, thousands of people live here, making it India’s only living fort. Royal palaces, beautiful mansions and shops are all contained within its walls.

Patwon Ki Haveli : It was created by a brocade merchant called Guman Chand Patwa in 1805. It was taken around 50 years to complete the havelli. The arched gateways murals, carved pillars, extensive corridors, and the jaali work on the yellow sandstone for ventilation are the attractions to look out for.

Salim Singh's Haveli : This haveli was built in 1815 by a prime minister of Jaisalmer Salim Singh and lived there with his seven wives. The haveli is popular for its ship prow’s-shaped structure on the upper floors for which it is also known as Jahazmahal and the peacock shaped brackets.

Gadi Sagar Lake : There is a famous rain water lake known as Gadi Sagar which is located at one km from city wall. It was built in 1367 by Maharawal Gads. A natural low-land was build to catch every drop of rain water.
This lake played an important role in the life of the people of Jaisalmer in the past as it was the major source of water supply in the city.
There is beautiful gateway known as Teelon-ki prol or the Gate of Teelon which was built in 19th century by a very famous courtesan named Teelon. There is a temple of Lord Vishnu on the top of the gate.

Sand Dunes in Rajasthan : Sand Dunes are the hills of sand created by wind. They give a real experience of the Desert state – Rajasthan. The sand dunes continuously change their shape with the movements of wind.
Tourists are extremely attracted towards sand dunes and the best is Sam Sand Dunes located 42kms from Jaisalmer. Enjoying Camel safaris on the sand dunes are truly a memorable experience.
There is the vibrant and colorful Desert Festival held in Jan-Feb every year in Jaisalmer.

How to reach Jaisalmer
Air :The closest airport at Jodhpur (300 km).
Rail : Jaisalmer is well connected by rail with Jodhpur and Delhi which in turn is connected to major cities and towns in India.
Road :Jaisalmer is well linked by road with Jaipur, Jodhpur and Bikaner.