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Raksha Bandhan Jaipur

Rakhi festival is celebrated on Purnima Tithi (full moon) of Shukla Paksha of Shrawan month according to Hindu calendar. Although Rakhi Festival is considered as festival of brothers and sisters yet not limited only to them, but for everyone. Rakhi is a sacred thread which is tied on the wrist. On this auspicious day sisters tie the sacred thread Rakhi on wrist of their brothers. Brothers promise their sister to protect them life long. Similarly, anyone who want protection can tie Rakhi to a person of his confidence.

There are many stories related to Rakhi festival. According to one story, Once Draupadi-the wife of Pandavas, tied Rakhi to Lord Shri Krishna on Purnima tithi of Shukla Paksha of Shravan month to get protection from all the problems and challenges of life. Lord Krishna promised to protect her. Later on, Duryodhan (Prince of Hastinapur)- brother-in-law of Draupadi tried to insult her in courtyard by removing her cloths (Saari) by force. Draupadi remembered Lord Krishna at the moment and he protected Draupadi by increasing the length of her Saari (an Indian traditional female dress).

According to another story when Indra was defeated by Vritrasura, Indra went to Brihaspati - Guru of Deities to get advice. On his advice Indra's wife Shachi tied a Rakhi on wrist of Indra to ensure victory and went to Rishi Dadhichi to get his bones in donation to make the weapon Vajra. Indra got his bones and made the weapon Vajra and defeated Vritrasura, and got his Kingdom "Swarga" back.