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Pushkar Tour

Pushkar - Rajasthan
Population 13,000 (1991)
Languages Hindi and English
Best time to visit October to March
STD code 014581
PIN code 305022
Pushkar is one of the important places in Rajasthan, because it is one of the five 'dhams' or pilgrimage centers for Hindus. The other four are, Badrinath, Puri, Rameswaram, and Dwarka. The place is also very popular with the foreign tourists who love to visit the cattle fair that is held annually here. Travel to Pushkar and enjoy the many colors and traditions of Rajasthan.

Pushkar - Location
Nestled in a valley, 14 kms from Ajmer is the beautiful Pushkar town. It is a pretty little town surrounded by hills on three sides in the state of Rajasthan in Western India.

Pushkar - When To Visit
The days in Pushkar are extremely hot and nights are just as cold. The temperature in summers can go as high as 45°C and in the winters it can go as low as 10°C. The best time to visit Pushkar is in winters, between October and March. You can also attend the cattle fair that is world-famous and is held every year in November.

While you are on a tour of Pushkar, you can visit the Brahma temple, which is possibly the only temple dedicated to Brahma in India. On the entrance of this temple is the sculpture of Hans or goose, which is the vehicle of Brahma. Another temple you can visit, is the Savitri temple. This temple dedicated to the wife of Lord Brahma, is located on the hilltop. It takes about an hour to reach the temple on foot, but it is really worth a visit, for the temple site offers a breathtaking view of the Pushkar Lake. Many say the best time to visit the temple is dawn, since then one can see the sun rising which adds more beauty to the view. You can also visit the various ghats by the lake, which are considered sacred.

Pushkar - Excursions
While you are on a tour to Pushkar, you can also travel to Kishangarh, which is famous for its miniature paintings and local crafts.
Pushkar is close to Ajmer, so you can also visit the Dargah at Ajmer and check out all the tourist attractions there, including the Adhai-din-ka-jhonpra and Taragarh Fort.

The closest airport is at Jaipur, Rajasthan's capital, which is at a distance of 145 kms from Pushkar. The airport has frequent flights to Delhi and Mumbai.
The nearest railway station is at Ajmer, from where one can take a train to major places in Rajasthan and other cities in India. You can take a Shatabdi Express for Delhi, from this railway station, which not only saves time but also is a very comfortable way to travel. Jaipur-Bandra is perfect for those, who wish to go to Mumbai.
Pushkar can also be reached by road. One can take a bus or hire a cab or taxi from Ajmer, to reach Pushkar.

Pushkar - Events
There is hardly anyone who has not heard of the Pushkar festival. It is held annually on the 11th day of the bright half of the moon. It is held in the month of October/November.

People and Hindu devotees flock to Pushkar when all the gods visit this sacred place. People wash off their sins in the Pushkar Lake, which is considered very sacred. During this time, there are thousands of devotees and holy men who come from far off places. The whole atmosphere during this time is so devotional and pious that people find themselves in a strange trance and many claim that it is the time they feel most close to God. As for the cattle fair, it is a colorful and beautiful celebration of rural way of life. Villagers come to this fair with their cattle and animals from all over the state for trading. An interesting event that takes place during this time is the camel's beauty contest! Here tourists also get a chance to interact with the villagers dressed in their traditional turbans and colorful clothes.

Pushkar - Accommodation
Since Pushkar has now become a major attraction for Indian tourists as well as foreign tourists, there has been a rise in the number of hotels available in the town. There are many hotels, so guests can easily find a suitable accommodation according to their budget and the luxuries they are looking for.

Pushkar is a very religious place so one has to be careful as to not do anything that might hurt the sentiments of the devotees.
Remember not to wear shoes on the Ghats and drinking, smoking and non-vegetarian food is not allowed.
One useful tip for you is that the State bank of Bikaner and Jaipur accept Traveler's Cheques. Besides, Pushkar also has communication facilities such as Internet facilities and long distance calling services.