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Paintings Tour

Paintings are nowhere more vibrant and expressing than that of Rajasthan. Tradition of painting traces back to the dawn of civilisation. Traces of earth colour drawings on walls and intricate motifs of geometrical and natural designs on clay vessels and potteries have been unearthed in the proto-historic Harappan sites of Kalibangan and Peelibanga in north-western Rajasthan. And these traditions of decorating dwellings and articles are still alive.

Rajasthan, is known for its miniature paintings, reflecting an incredible portfolio of scenes from myth and legend to history to nature. The variation in art of painting ranges from Wall paintings on Palaces to huts, Miniature paintings, Phad and Pichwais.
Though many use synthetic colours, the traditional painters use mineral and vegetable dyes. The cost of the painting depends on an artist's workmanship.