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Mandawa Tour

Languages : : Hindi and English
Best Time to Visit : : October to March
STD Code : : 01592
For your next holiday come to Mandawa, which is known for its famous mansions and havelis. If you wish to see the true color of Rajasthan and get a glimpse of rural India, then come to Mandawa, which is the perfect tourist destination for those who want to add color to their holidays.

Mandawa - Location
Mandawa is about 190kms from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. Mandawa lies between latitude 28.06° in the north and longitude 75.20° in the east.

Mandawa - When To Visit
The summers in Mandawa are every hot, with the mercury shooting up to 40.5°C and the winters are quite chilly, when the temperature dips as low as 10°C. So, the best time to visit Mandawa is anytime between October to March.

Mandawa - History In Brief
The little town of Mandawa was founded in the 18th century, by the affluent merchants, who built a lot of havelis and mansions in this area. Later on, many of these families moved out, which is why the colorful havelis remained neglected for a long time, till it was realized that these very mansions could become major tourist attractions.

Mandawa - Must- See Places
The Castle Mandawa is located in the heart of Mandawa town. The Castle was originally the home of a noble, but now it is a heritage hotel that still retains it medieval theme. The rooms at this palace have paintings depicting Krishna in his childhood and youth. The walls of the rooms at this palace have intricate carvings and paintings along with mirror work. The castle still has a lot of antiques and paintings that can be seen in the huge hall, which used to be the Durbar hall. There are numerous ancient Havelis too like the Bhagchandika Haveli, Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli, Lakshminarayan Ladia Haveli, Mohanlal Saraf Haveli, and Chowkhani Haveli that you can see while you are on a tour of Mandawa. The other major attractions are, Harlalka Well, Thakurji Temple, Tanu Manu Saraf Haveli, Akhramka Haveli and Goenka chattri.

Mandawa - Excursions
About 37 kms south of Mandawa is Nawalgarh, which is famous for a fort built in 1737. At Nawalgarh you can also take a tour of many havelis, like Anandi Lal Poddar, Bhagton Ki Haveli, Aath Haveli and Hem Raj Kulwal Haveli. You can also take a tour to Parsurampura, which is 43 kms southeast of Mandawa and here you can see the oldest paintings in Shekhawati region. About 25kms southeast of Mandawa, is a small village of Mukundgarh, known for its havelis and forts. If you are for a few days in Mandawa, then you can also travel to Dundlod, which is 30 kms southeast of Mandawa. The major attractions of this place are, the Jagathia Haveli, Satyanarayan Temple, and the Dundlod Fort and Palace. You can travel to Jhunjhunu, which is the district headquarter and the largest town in Shekhawati region. The major attractions of this place are the Khetri Mahal, Bihariji Temple and Kaniram Narsinghdas Tiberwala Haveli.

Mandawa - Getting There
The closest airport is Jhunjhunu. Nearest airport with frequent flights to major cities in India, is at Jaipur. Jhunjhunu is the closet railway station. One can take a train to Jaipur and Delhi from here. Mandawa is also quite accessible by road. One can either take state transportation corporation run buses or hire a cab to reach Mandawa.

Mandawa - Accommodation
There are many hotels in Mandawa. The tourists can also stay at resorts and heritage hotels. Regardless of the budget you might have, you can find the suitable accommodation for yourself in Mandawa.