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The hides of dead animals is used by skilled cobblers for Jooties (foot-wear), chairs, musical instruments, mojaries, etc. The Jooties reflect the unique style of every district they belong to. It is amazing how the leather is beaten, tanned and dyed and put to the best use.
The leather is punched and gouged to create patterns, studded, sequined and even embroidered with woolen motifs. Cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Barmer, Jaisalmer is famous for Jooties, musical instruments (like Tabla, Dhol, Dhapli), stringed instruments (Kamayacha) made out of leather.
Bikaner is best known for painted Lampshades, shields, vases, Mojharies made out of camel hide. Hard Bag, belts, hats, chairs, foldable chairs with graphic embroideries are from Tilonia.