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Dhurries And Carpets

The dhurrie, a simple rug that was once used as an underlay, has now become one of the state's best known weaving traditions. Weavers sit on looms in villages, creating an interesting blend of patterns- mostly geometric, sometimes floral- in an exciting combination of colours. Made from cotton yarn, in areas such as Bikaner and Jaisalmer, the camel-hair, woolen dhurrie too is available. In areas around Tonk, namdahs or felted rugs are manufactured.

Carpets first began to be manufactured in Rajasthan when weavers from Afghanistan were installed in the royal ateliers in the 17th century. Ever since, they have flourished here, with their exuberant colours and geometric motifs finding their way into showrooms around the world. Naturally they are available in the bazaars at a price far lower than they command in stores overseas.