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Alwar Tour

Alwar - Facts & Figures
Population 250,000
Area 44.76 sq km
Languages Hindi, Rajasthani and English
Best time to visit September-February
STD Code 0144
Alwar, in Rajasthan is a very popular holiday destination, mainly because of the diversity it has to offer. There are so many colors and such variety in this place that one is amazed to find such a rich treasure of traditions and culture in one place. If you want to enjoy the traditional Rajasthani hospitality and warmth, then travel to Alwar and experience the true India.

Alwar - Location
About 170 kms south of Delhi, lies Alwar, in the state of Rajasthan. It is about 150kms from Jaipur, the capital city.

Alwar - When To Visit
Compared to other cities in Rajasthan, Alwar is not too hot. Though summers are still hot (April to June), winters are quite pleasant and last from November to February. Best time to visit Alwar is in the winters.

Alwar - History In Brief
The city of Alwar was supposedly founded by someone belonging to the Kachh family. It was under the rule of Rajputs, then Mughlas. Interestingly the city has also been ruled by Jats. After Independence Alwar, which was a part of the state of Matsya, was merged with the state of Rajasthan.

The major tourist attractions of Alwar are the Bala Quila and the City Palace Complex or Vinay Vilas Mahal. You can also visit the lake, which is next to the City Palace and is also a favorite among the visitors. If you wish to see the antiques and the relics of the former age then you can head to the Government Museum, which is located in the City Palace Complex. There is also the tomb of Tarang Sultan, which can be visited.

Alwar - Excursions
While you are on a tour of Alwar, if you have time to spare, then you can travel to the town of Silisher, which is famous for its lake and palace. Hill Fort Kesroli can also be visited, which is merely 12 kms from Alwar. The famous Sariska Tiger Reserve can also be visited since it is about 37kms from Alwar. Only 6 kms from the city, is Jai Samand lake which is also the perfect place to visit while you are in Alwar.
If you are in Alwar for a longer period, then you can tour the Fort palace of Neemrana. These are few of the major attractions that are close to Alwar.

Alwar - Getting There
One can reach Alwar either by train or by road. There are frequent buses from Jaipur, Bharatpur and Deeg to Alwar. Since Alwar lies on the Delhi-Jaipur line, it is accessible by train. One can also take the Delhi-Ajmer Shatabdi Express.
There is also a steam locomotive called Fairy Queen that runs from Delhi to Alwar. The toy train takes 3-4 hours to reach Alwar but is ideal for people who are not short on time and wish to enjoy the scenic beauty on the way. In Alwar, commuting is quite easy. People can travel by auto-rickshaws, local buses or cycle-rickshaws. Tourists can also hire bicycles to tour the city.

Alwar - Shopping
Alwar is known for its pottery and jewelry. Particularly the wafer-thin (kagzi) pottery is very famous and mainly comes from this town. Tourists can buy a lot of souvenirs and gifts for their friends back home.

Most of the hotels in Alwar are located on the Manu Marg (Road), which is close to the bus stand. There are many good hotels in Alwar and visitors can easily find accommodation according to their budget.

Alwar - Cuisine
All kinds of food is available at Alwar. One can relish Rajasthani, Indian and Mughlai cuisine. While at Alwar, do not miss the chance to try Alwar Mawa, which is a sweetmeat, prepared with milk. There are numerous eateries and restaurants in the city that serve most kind of dishes.