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Adventure in Rajasthan

Adventure in Rajasthan has ample amount of activities to offer to adventure buffs. The state has always been active in various types of traditional sports and games. And with some fantastic wildlife sanctuaries and parks adventure holidays in Rajasthan have got a remarkable growth. Travelers enjoy the yesteryears as well today's modern sports in Rajasthan. Safaris such as Camel Safari, Horse Safari, Elephant Safari and Jeep Safari can be experienced by travelers for having a fun filled adventure tour in Rajasthan. Camping, Jeep safaris, horse safaris, wildlife safaris, hot air ballooning can be done to make adventure tours in Rajasthan what they are supposed to be.


The aristocracy were enamoured of the gentlemen's game that was so popular in British India. Unfortunately, the weather did not permit


Rajputs have been keen equestrian and they take to the horses like a fish to water. Their taking to polo in big way was only natural


Lying in the west of India, the topography of Rajasthan varies from sand-dunes of the desert to the lofty hill ranges of the Aravallis

Horse Safari

Rajasthan' - the land of the Rajputs, is known for its kings, fearless warriors and charming ladies. It is also known for its forts

Camel Safari

Rajasthan invites you to feel the adventure of a Camel Safari, which takes you through the golden sands of the vast. Thar desert

Water Sports

The lakes of Rajasthan are known for water sports. During the 1982 Asian games, rowing competitions were held at Ramgarh lake near

Wildlife Adventure

Rajasthan is the only state that can proudly in two National parks, one Tiger Project, one serf National Park and twenty-four wildlife

Ethnic Village Tour

Rajasthani Villages - Portraying The real india The villages of Rajasthan are a classic way of exploring the arduous life of Rajasthani

Vintage Car Rally

When the first motorcars started coming to India, Rajasthan's princes and aristocracy were among the earliest to order them.

Bird Watching

Rajasthan's lakes, ponds, marshlands and grasslands are a haven for bird lovers. One can find around 550 species of birds and most

Paeasalling & Ballooning

The joy of being aloft In the wind and the thrill of defying the elements is what parasailing and ballooning are all about. Unlike other

Camping on sand Dunes

Take a camping tour of Rajasthan and discover the real essence of India in its remote interiors, away from the pandemonium of the.