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Parasailing Ballooning Rajasthan

The joy of being aloft In the wind and the thrill of defying the elements is what parasailing and ballooning are all about. Unlike other aero sports, in these, once off the ground, the sportsman is on his own.
Since the skies are an element foreign to us, it would be judicious to take all precautions before indulging in the joy afforded by the sports. Responsibility for the safety of the sportsman depends to a large extent on the team helping out in this sport. Ballooning on the other hand permits the balloonist to soar high in the sky and drift over the picturesque terrain.
Parasailing and ballooning are annual events held in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Pushkar and attract a large number of tourists and adventure seekers.
The Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation has set up an Adventure Cell in Jaipur where you can obtain assistance and information about different outlets for adventure in Rajasthan and our company organising all activities with experienced persons in different adventure activities so you are always in safe hands.