Village Tourism in Rajasthan, India – Visit Rural Spots

Rural tourism in India can provide the perfect window during which you can imbibe the culture of the land and experience the magic of community life. November to Mid-February is the most suitable time to plan your visit to these magical destinations, due to the pleasant climate.

There are a number of circuits which fall under village tourism in India. If you are looking to embark on a journey through the road less travelled, some of the major rural circuits have been given below.

The Villages of North India- A Haven of Culture


Rajasthan is a prominent centre for village tourism. Some of the must visit villages in this area include Samode, Barmer, Nathdawara and Bundi. Each village has its unique traditions, habits, rituals, arts and crafts. The rural people are extremely friendly and they’ll welcome you with a heartwarming smile.

The villages in this region are known for their architectural value. There are a number of activities which are organized here such as visits to the farm where you can learn about modern farming techniques and visits to the ‘Vaidhya’ who is the local doctor trained in the science of Ayurveda.

In the night time, local tribes dance with great enthusiasm to the tunes of Kavelias and Mirasis and onlookers are welcome to join in. The camel rides across the Thar and through the alleys of Samode can be timeless experiences.

Hodka in Gujarat is famous for its overnight camel safari, leather products and mud crafts. You can try making these handicrafts with the help of the rural folk.

In Himachal Pradesh, especially villages like Naggar and Raisaon, you can enjoy the mountain scenery and the participate in the merriment of the fairs such as the Shoolini Mela, Shivratri Trade Fair and Minjar Fair which are held here.

The South Indian Villages- A Coastal Splendor


In south India, Banavasi, Anegundi in Karnataka, Kumbalanghi, Annakara, Aranmula in Kerala, Pochampally in Andhra Pradesh and Thadiyankudissai, Karaikudi, Kazhugumalai and Kurangini in Tamil Nadu are some of the prominent centers for rural tourism in India.

Most villages in this region lie along the coast and depend upon fishing, rather than farming, as a source of income. Various fishing expeditions are arranged for enthusiasts and you can learn about various techniques which are practiced in the region.

In Kerala, an overnight stay on a houseboat can be an unforgettable experience, where you can drift along the still backwaters and enjoy the silence of your surroundings and the scenic beauty of the land. The villagers celebrate festivals such as Pongal, Onam and various boat races which you can take part in.

In order to unleash your adventurous side, embark on a tour across India’s magical villages where you will be able to unwind and relax, while imbibing the cultural heritage of the land.

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