Top Tourist Places to Visit in Rajasthan During Summer

Top Tourist Places to Visit in  Rajasthan During Summer: The mystic land of Rajasthan is best known for its religious significance and famous fair. As tourist comes floating to this land for it interesting leftovers of ancient time. Ensure you investigate a portion of the best places to visit in Rajasthan. Improving your entire involvement in this antiquated city are the extravagant and all around selected places which will make your vacation a grand one. Let’s check out to below list of Top Tourist Places to Visit in Rajasthan During Summer.

1. Seven Wonders Park Kota :-

Seven Wonders Park

A newly opened park and now a premier attraction of Kota, this park has replicas of the Seven Wonders of The World including Taj Mahal, Pyramids of Egypt, Eiffel Tower, Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer, Statue of Liberty and Rome’s Coliseum. This park is located on the side of Kishore Sagar and the monuments look quite beautiful in the evenings with good lighting and lake in the background.

2. Chambal Garden Kota:-


Located at the bank of river Chambal, the Chambal Garden is one of the most beautiful picnic spots in the Indian city of Kota. Visitors can enjoy peace in the lap of exquisite greenery while in this city. The major attraction of the Chambal Garden in Kota is the wonderful pond situated just in the middle of the greenery. This pond full of crocodiles attract a large number of tourists to this place during the winter months. This muddy pond can be crossed by shaky bridge suspended at a very low height. low height. There are also many gharials found in this murky pond. They are the thin and snouted crocodiles living on fishes. These creatures attract many adventures picnickers to the Chambal Garden located in Kota. The peace loving people can enjoy this place as equally. Strolling down the vast green vistas overlooking the lively river can certainly remind one of Wordsworth’s expression of spontaneous feelings regarding Tintern Abbey.

The nature lovers can also spend the day studying the thousands of plant species that are present to add life to this place. There are some plants that are typical to this region and are of much interest to the students and researchers of botany. Thus it can also prove to be a wonderful place for study tours.  It is best to visit the Chambal Garden of Kota during the winter months. The Chambal Garden in the city of Kota is a wonderful place that can mesmerize both leisure travelers as well as adventure tourists.

3. Kotah Garh City Palace Kota:-

kota garh

Housed in Kotah’s historic City Palace — the ancestral seat of the Raos and Maharaos of Kotah — the Museum has been open to the public since 1970 C.E. The Museum has rich collections of arms and armour, royal regalia and ritual paraphernalia, textiles and objets d’art, and world–famous miniature paintings and wall frescos. According to tradition, the foundations of the City Palace (also known as the Garh) were first laid in 1264 C.E. by Prince Jait Singh of Bundi on the spot where he sacrificed and buried the severed head of the defeated Bhil Chieftain Koteya who had previously ruled the region. The name ‘Kotah’ is often said to memorialize the human sacrifice (nar bali) of Koteya, although it may equally reference the presence of a strong fort, or kot.

Kotah achieved de facto independence from Bundi in 1624 C.E. when Rao Ratan Singh of Bundi’s second son — Rao Madho Singh — asserted sovereignity over Kotah City and eight surrounding districts (parganas). Seven years later in 1631 C.E., the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan issued an Imperial proclamation (farman) confirming Kotah’s independence. Madho Singh’s descendants continued to rule Kotah — often in the service of the Mughal and British Empires — until 1948 C.E. when the Kingdom formally merged with independent India. Today, the City Palace remains at the heart of the ceremonial life of present Maharao Brijraj Singh of Kotah who presides at religious festivals and social gatherings here throughout the year — most importantly at Dasahra and on his birthday.

4. Kishore Sagar  Kota:-

Kishore Sagar

This picturesque artificial lake was constructed in 1346. In the middle, on a small island amid palm trees, is the enchanting little tangerine palace of Jagmandir. Built in 1740 by one of the maharanis of Kota, it’s a sight that seems to mock the frantic streets on either side of the lake. The palace, sadly, is closed to the public.

5. Maharao Madho Singh Museum Kota :-


Situated within the walls of the Garh palace, Maharao Madho Singh Museum houses a splendid collection of Rajput miniature paintings of the Kota school. Visitors can spend hours taking in the fascinating sculptures, arms and other valuable antiques.

6. Jagmandir Palace Kota :-


The Jagmandir Palace was built by one of the queens of Kota between 1743 and 1745, and is situated in the middle of the Kishore Sagar Lake. Built in red sandstone, it is a monument of exquisite beauty. The palace is open to tourists who can enjoy boat rides in the Kishore Sagar Lake and the panoramic view of the palace from the lake. The Keshar Bagh, situated near the Jagmandir Palace is well known for its royal cenotaphs.

7. Kota Barrage Kota:-

kota barrage

Kota Barrage is one of the most important water reservoirs in the Rajasthan state constructed over Chambal River. The Kota Barrage spreads over an area of 27,332 square kilometres, which makes it as large as Haiti! The mesmerizing view of water flowing through the gates with a great force makes it a popular tourist attraction. The Kansua temple of Lord Shiva, housing a rare four-faced Shiva lingam is a place of interest near the barrage.

8. Alnia Dam Kota : –

Alnia Dam

The Alnia Dam is one of the must-see attractions of Kota. It is renowned for the beautiful rock paintings that date back to the Upper Paleolithic age. Still in good condition, they adorn the bank of the river, making this place definitely worth a visit.

9. Mukundara Tiger Reserve Kota :-

Mukundara Tiger Reserve

The Mukundara Tiger Reserve is 50 kilometres from Kota. Tigers are often relocated here from Ranthambore Reserve. It has a core area of 417 square kilometres and a buffer zone covering 342.82 square kilometres. Other wildlife includes panther, deer, wild boar and bear. This thickly wooded area is home to a large variety of birds as well.

10. Garadia Mahadev Temple Kota :-

Garadia Mahadev Temple

Garadia Mahadev Temple is a noted shrine of Kota, located near the Chambal River. It is located near the NH-76 that leads to Dabi and Chittorgarh. If you’re someone who enjoys spectacular views, then this place doesn’t disappoint. It provides one of the most mesmerising views you can hope to find of the Chambal River, gorge and the plains. The shrine can be reached by descending a few steps where you can pay your respects to Lord Shiva. The place is a tad remote and isolated from regular tourist hotspots but is worth the journey you have to make. Most people recount being stunned by the sheer beauty and memorable view. Thanks to the privacy and view it affords, this spot is quite popular as a picnic destination. Nature lovers can sit here for hours, absorbing its tranquillity and pristine beauty. Budding poets, writers and artists can count on being inspired by the still, blue waters and surrounding wilderness. If peace, blessings, nature’s splendour and privacy is what you’re looking for, you won’t find a better place than this.