Tiger Reserves in Rajasthan

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Rajasthan :-

Rajasthan is a state of the royals and it has numerous evidence of the royal culture in its rich heritage and society. Along with its cultural abundance, Rajasthan also has enough of wildlife beauty in it. The major attractions of the state are the wildlife sanctuaries and the national parks in Rajasthan. These beautiful sanctuaries and parks are home to a variety of wildlife, some of which have been categorised as critically endangered. The vegetation in these conservation grounds vary with the landscape but each and every wildlife sanctuary offers a wonderful opportunity to experience nature in a very unique way.Rajasthan is a safe haven for a wide and colorful range of wildlife.Most of these wide expanses are open to tourists and guests ceaselessly around the year but remain shut temporarily through the rainy season.


Ranthambore National Park :-

Ranthambore National Park is one of the largest national parks in northern India situated widely in the state of Rajasthan. This wonderful national park is located in the Sawai Madhopur and the wonderful experience lies with the glimpse of the wild animals and plantations. Ranthambore was established as the Sawai Madhopur Game Sanctuary in 1955 by the Government of India, and was declared one of the Project Tiger reserves in 1973. The park is known for its tiger population, and is one of India’s Project Tiger reserves. Other major wild animals include leopard, nilgai, wild boar, sambar, hyena, sloth bear and chital. It is also home to wide variety of trees, plants, birds and reptiles.  A mix of rolling hills and crags, and meadows, lakes and rivulets, this dry-deciduous forest system is home to an incredible variety of flora and fauna. Apart from the tiger, you can also spot sloth bear, leopard, caracal, jackal, fox, hyena and mongoose at Ranthambore. Ranthambore is heaven for wildlife photographers. The major attraction in the park is following the tiger on safari rides. Rides are carried out at two different times of the day. Each ride takes about three hours.

Sariska National Park Alwar :-

The Sariska Tiger Reserve is situated in the Alwar district in the state of Rajasthan and is one of the important national parks in Rajasthan. It was the hunting grounds of the State of Alwar. The sanctuary was declared as a Wildlife Reserve in 1955 and was brought under the Project Tiger scheme in 1978. The most attractive feature of the Sariska Tiger Reserve is its population of Royal Bengal Tigers. It is home to a large number of wild animals including Rhesus monkeys, Hanuman langurs, hares, wild boars, chousingha or the four horned antelope, chinkara, nilgai, sambhar, golden jackals, striped hyenas, caracal, jungle cats and leopards. The park is spread over 866 square kilometers. The Sariska Tiger Sanctuary is also the first ever Tiger Reserve in the country where tiger relocation and rehabilitation has been carried out successfully.

Mukundara Tiger Reserve Kota :-

While you are in Kota you need to visit this one of the best tiger reserves in Rajasthan. This is another national park in Rajasthan which allows you to explore the exotic Rajasthan wildlife. The Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve covers a zone of 759 sq km and is the dwelling place 50 tigers. It was in the past known as Mukundara Hills National Park and has been announced as a tiger save in the year 2012 by the Government of India. Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve is honored with a striking natural life including greenery. There is an assortment of wild animals like tiger, incorporate panthers, sloth bears,wolves, and chinkaras.

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