One should never Miss Pushkar Cattle fair and Pushkar Camels

A trip to Pushkar is one worth taking, especially during the Pushkar Camel Fair. This extraordinary fair showcases the best of camels and cattle in the northern states of India. Not only can one see these fine creatures but also buy them at this livestock fair. In addition to camels, one can also spot a large number of cows, horses and ponies. And you thought Pushkar was only about camels!


Several activities and competitions are organized during the fair. While the first two days are reserved exclusively for camel trading, the rest are laden with fun for all visitors as the traders take a back seat. Needless to say, cattle and other livestock are also traded, but it’s camels that hold the spotlight at the Pushkar fair. Camel traders and villagers from cities and states miles away join at Pushkar to show off their prized beasts.

All cows, horses and camels are groomed and preened to look their best. Some camels are even shaved to form different kind of patterns. These camels are also accessorized interestingly. The accessories meant for camels include jewelry made of silver and beads such as silver bells and bangles around their ankles.


Part of the revelry at the Pushkar Camel Fair in Rajasthan is the camel races and competitions that are organized here every year. Yet another exciting event is the camel beauty contest. In this one of a kind contest, visitors can enjoy the sight of camels being lovingly adorned and paraded. The camels strut before their ardent admirers and enjoy every moment in the limelight. The horses though slightly neglected, also receive their fair share of attention as they too are groomed and accessorized. The finest quality saddles can also be purchased her for horses.

Apart from admiring the Pushkar camels and cattle fair, one can enjoy the riot of colors that swarms the Pushkar Fair. Visitors can buy knick-knacks from all across Rajasthan at this fair. Turbans, women’s jewelry and trinkets are just few of the many things one can buy. One can also sample the delicious but strictly vegetarian cuisine here.