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Mewar Festival, Udaipur

Mewar Festival celebrated in Udaipur, India is a festival that marks the advent of spring. The festival is an integral part of the culture and tradition in Udaipur. People in various parts of Udaipur enthusiastically take part in this festival. The city boasts a colorful look during this festival.

Month : March
Duration : One to two days
Timings : All day and Night
Location : In and around Udaipur
Highlights : Dressing up of Isar (who is an incarnation of Lord Shiva), colorful traditional saris and jewellery are the major attractions of this festival.

Mewar festival is one perfect occasion for the women to flaunt their costumes and jewelry. Also they put mehandi on their hands and feet. Starting with the ceremonies, the women gather to dress up the idols of Lord Vishnu and Gangaur, his consort, which they had been crafting from the past days. It is said that Gaugaur is the goddess of marital happiness and conjugal bliss. The married women pray to the goddess for marital bliss and good health of their husbands whereas, the single girls pray for an earnest match of their choice.
After this, the women carry the idols on their head for a religious and ceremonial procession to different parts of the city. Women are seen singing and dancing to cheer and encourage the participants. Local artists are also seen performing. The procession concludes at the Gangaur Ghat at Lake Pichhola.