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Tourist Places in Phalodi

Phalodi is located between Jaisalmer and Jodhpur district. The city is famous for old historical palaces, Shrines, art works and salt business. Variety of migratory birds assemble in Phalodi and watching them circle in noisy, undulating formations overhead or stepping delicately across the sands is one of the great sights of the Thar region. In Phalodi there is a small village which is worth to visit. Phalodi is also famous for heavy woolen fiber 'Pattu” and Havelis. Phalodi has semi-arid climate. Best time to visit this place is from October to February.

Tourist attractions in Phalodi
Important tourist attraction in Phalodi is the Lal Niwas. Lal Niwas was founded in 1750, it is embroidered with surplus of masons - (residential places of the affluent people) - a masterpiece in itself. The interiors of the haveli were wonderful- artifacts on the wall, marvelous chandeliers with cut work glass, lather opium boxes and weapons that take you back to the Rajwaras. It was like a small palace that has been carefully restored. The Haveli was totally built out of red sandstone.