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Kaila Devi

About the Temple
25 Km away to the South of Karauli on the banks of the Kalisil river in the hills of Trikuta, is the revered temple of Kaila Devi built by the devout king Bhompal when he received instructions from Goddess Kaila as he was true devotee of hers. Hence, he built the temple and since then it has attracted many pilgrims since ages. Devotees come to the shrine from length and breadth of country. The Shakta cult of Hindus hold sway of the temple but it is worshiped by all Hindus and all others alike. Kaiala Devi has strong hold on the pilgrims and she is believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Durga.

Beautiful Architecture
Besides, being an important pilgrimage center for Hindus, the shrine is also significant for its architecture. You can worship two idols in the sanctum sanctorum. As the neck of Kaila Devi is bent, the idol is bit reclined. The temple is the best example of medieval architecture. The shikhar of the temple is very high, towering like a pyramid. The engravings, carvings and ornamental works on the walls and pillars is very intricate yet interesting. It is a marble structure with a large courtyard of a checkered floor. In one place are a number of red flags planted by devotees.

Must See - Must Do
Fairs and Festivals: The sacred days of Navratras in Chaitra and Ashwin are held auspicious by the devotees and pilgrims flock the place in large number. Hordes of people could be seen congregating at the feet of goddess. Pilgrims also come barefoot to the shrine for seeking blessings.

Bhairon Baba Temple: It is said that the pilgrimage is incomplete without going to Bhairon Baba Temple. Devotees who come the shrine make sure to visit the temple located just in front of the temple gate.

Hanuman Temple: A minor temple devoted to Lord Hanuman is located right in the courtyard of the shrine. Locally he is referred to as languria.

Excursion Trips
Kaila Devi Game Sanctuary: Just 25 Km away with some beautiful scenery and assorted wildlife including chinkaras, wild boars, jackals, blue bells and leopards, the Kaila Devi Game Sanctuary attracts many travelers.

Old City Palace: The palace has seen construction over different years. The oldest part of the palace has existed over 600 years. Tourists love to see the fine paintings, in the Durbar Hall.

Krishna Temple: There is a Krishna Temple in the compound of Palace where many people offer their prayers. The compound has a gaggle of geese which were earlier used to alert if intruders entered the palace grounds.

Timangarh: It is a tragically ruined fort at a distance of 40 Km from Karauli. Constructed around 1100 and renovated in 1244, the majestic fort overlooks a lake filled with water lilies.

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