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Govind Devji Temple

Samode in Rajasthan is one of the most attractive tourist places. The variety of attraction in various parts of Samode earns it a significant place in the tourism map of Rajasthan. The presence of a number of temples in Samode is also one of the reasons for the rising count of tourists. These temples are not only regarded as a religious place. The various features of the temple also have a great appeal to the tourists. These features reflect a lot about the rich history of the place. Moreover, the wonderful architecture of the temple also reflects a lot about the temple architecture of Rajasthan. There are many temples in Samode. The Govind Devji Temple is one of the most popular temples among tourists as well as devotees. The temple also has historical significance to offer to the tourists.

The Govind Devji Temple is located in Rajasthan in India. It dates back to 534 A.D. The temple also has the history of being visited by the royal family of Samode. It is believed that the Rawals have also offered prayers at the temple.

A close look at the temple will also let you visit the various Hindu mythological stories. You will learn that according to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna has three wives. However, it is Goddess Radha who accompanies Lord Krishna everywhere.

Attractions of Govind Devji Temple
The visit to the Govind Devji Temple is truly a wonderful experience. The temple is built on a raised platform. There is a flight of stairs on its four sides that lead to the hall. The hall is an important place of the temple. During various occasions, the hall is used for folk performances.

Govind Devji Temple is one of the most attractive temples of Rajasthan. Jamshmatami is celebrated in the temple with a lot of enthusiasm. It is celebrated during the month of August. The celebration demands a lot of rituals. For instance, the offering and the puja is performed during the evening. During this time, a large number of villagers gather at the temple. However, you as tourist will also get to experience a number of attractions. The puja is followed by a number of folk performances. These folk performances involve reading out from scriptures. These arts are best performed by the Kalbelia caste. They are famous for their style of storytelling and folk art skills.

There are a number of vacation packages to Samode available. You can choose anyone of them which suits your best. However, make sure that your tour to Samode takes you to the temples of Samode. The tour will be a great experience for sure as you will only get a chance to visit the various temples. It will also allow you to get close to the various religious rituals of the place.

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