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Birla temple

The temples in Jaipur have managed to feature in the priority list of tourists visiting Jaipur, Rajasthan. Boasting a high spiritual significance along with fantastic architectural design, the temples are a great experience for the tourists. Having a multi dimensional dimension attraction for tourists of different types, these temples have truly played a vital role in elevating the status of the Rajasthan tourism. Though there are many temples in Rajasthan yet the Birla temple is one of the best among them. Built with a touch of exquisite architecture, the Birla Temple Jaipur attracts hundreds of tourists.

About Birla Temple
Built by Birlas, this temple is one of the major Jaipur Tourist attractions. Though the construction of the temple started in 1985, it is not yet completed yet. The construction is still being carried with significant additions made from time to time. These additions make the temple look even more beautiful and continue to draw tourists, even the ones who have visited the temple previously. Compared to other temples of Jaipur, this temple is quiet young but that does not take away its appeal to the tourists. Built in a place that is surrounded by verdant trees, the temple made of white marble is a great sight for the visitors. The magnificent white marble used in the construction of the temple is responsible to a great extent for imparting such a beautiful look to the temple. It truly fascinates the visitors.

Attractions of Birla Temple
Apart from exquisite beauty of the temple, the attractions of the temple also include the idol of Lord Shiva. The idol is also made of white marble keeping in tandem with the rest of the temple. The best time to visit the temple is during the evening as during this time an aarti takes place. During the aarti, the idols of Ram and Sita are dressed up in beautiful costumes. The temple also looks magnificent as it is lighted up.

The Birla temple in Jaipur bears great significance. Though built in 1985, yet the temple is built with the characters of Indian architecture. The exquisitely carved pillars along with stained glass paintings depict gods and goddesses of Indian mythology. The divine aura and the serene ambiance of the temple provide a refreshing experience for the tourists. Other features of the temple that attract the attention of the tourists are the three domes in the temple that are representation of three different faiths. The temple is also reflection of the Indian’s secular nature.

Tours to Jaipur these days are hardly complete without a trip to the Birla temple. Hence, if you are touring Jaipur, then make sure that you pay a visit to the Birla temple. The visit to the famous temple will surely be an enriching experience as a single visit to the temple will let you an opportunity to get an idea about the architecture of India, spiritual importance of the temple and also the secular state of the nation.

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