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Ajmer Sharif

About the Dargah
Ajmer-e-Sharief DargahA mush respected and sacred pilgrimage for Muslims and followers of other religions, the Dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, is a must on your tour to Ajmer. It is indeed a jewel in the crown of Ajmer. Since the times when the saint landed in India from Persia in 1192, had being a ‘living spirit’ of peace and harmony and so enjoys global reverence and devotion. The dargah lies to the extreme north of Taragarh hills. The time of Mughal reign gave significance to the dargah when many rulers added to to the building here. Humayun completed the construction of the shrine and a Nizam of Hyderabad added a gate to it.

Beautiful Architecture
The Dargah is a place for pilgrims and art lovers also where the get to see beautiful architecture. There are attractive buildings, tombs, courtyards and Daalaans in the dargah that display are exemplar of exquisite Moghul architecture and were built during the Mughal period. The two mighty gates of the dargah are delight to see. Akbar annually came to seek blessings here and made his pilgrimage to the dargah from Agra. The tomb of the saint has a marble dome and is surrounded by a silver platform.

Must See - Must Do
Nizam Gate: It is the first gate of the dargah. It was built in 1915 up some steps to protect it from rains.

Buland Darwaza: The pilgrims are attracted by the two mighty gates built with the donations of Sultan Ghyasuddin Khilji of Mandoo who ruled Malwa from 1469 to 1500 A.D. On the top of the main gate in the north there is a Naqqar Khana (drum house) containing two pairs of huge naqqars (beating drums) which were presented by Emperor Akbar after his successful victory in a campaign of Bengal.

Akbari Masjid: The green and white mosque on the right of Nizam gate was built by Akbar in 1571and is now a Persian and Arabic school for religious education.
Urs: The extravaganza of festivities and sufism is felt during the annual Urs in the dargah. Urs commences with the hoisting of flag on the Buland Darwaza on the full moon day in the month of Rajab. Activities like recital of Quran, Darood, Shijra-e-Chishtia and other verses are included. Visit the place during Urs and soak yourself in the aura of sufism.

Excursion Trips
Pushkar: At a very distnace of about 11 Km lies Pushkar, a important pilgrimage for Hindus. The place is famous for the Brahma Temple that is the main attraction here.
Kishangarh: Travel 27 km northeast to Ajmer and you come to Kishangarh which was founded in the early 17th century by by Kishan Singh, a Rathore prince. The place is popular among travelers and connoisseurs for the beautiful Bani Thani Paintings.

Tilonia: The village of Tilonia is proud to have the inspirationally radical Barefoot College. It is an ideal pick up the souvenirs including wall hangings, furniture, leather goods, bell totas, painted ceramic bowls and wooden toys.

Pachewar: The little village is close to Ajmer and is a haven for the migratory birds. Also worth seeing is the fort here. Jeep safaris can be arranged here on request.

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