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Yoga Meditation Rajasthan

The art of yoga has been practiced in India for centuries. Unlike other forms of exercise, especially the modern, it is not rigorous but relaxing while being just as effective. Dhyan (concentration) is the key to perfecting the yogic postures called aasans (body posture). Mastering of the aasans is supposed to ensure mental, physical and spiritual harmony.

The desert environment provides the best way to do yoga sessions. There are many genuine centers in Rajasthan for those seeking spiritual benefits. Yoga is a way of meditation as well as a school of health related exercise that has the power to cure many ailments. Serious Yoga learners can opt from a number of renowned Yoga institutions in Jaipur such as the 'Government Yogic treatment cum research center', 'Prakritik Chikitsalaya' and ' Rajasthan Swasthya Yog Parishad'. These are also centers where serious ailments are cured without any use of medicines. Another good one is a modern well-equipped center in Bassi near Jaipur.

ANOTHER WAY OF MEDITATION IS 'VIPASSANA' that is inspired from the meditation technique of Lord Buddha. The 'Dhammatall Vipassana Ashram' is located in the serene surroundings of forested hills near Jaipur. It has in offer minimum ten days to very long duration residential courses during which the primitives have to follow very strict rules. By the end of course, however, they are different people altogether.

REJUVENATION THERAPIES deal with wide-ranging ailments and there are extensive programs in offer. Besides using Yoga as the way of rejuvenation, there are several treatments involving naturopathy, fasting, mud baths, steam baths, water therapy and wet sheet packs. There is an ultramodern center (apart from the Yoga centers stated above) for rejuvenation near Lachhmangarh known as 'SPG Kayakalp Centre' that also provides color therapy, herbal oil therapy and spinal baths. The health spa in the luxururious 'Raj Vilas' hotel in Jaipur is World class! Many prominent hotels all over Rajasthan offer very good health related services such as health spas and Ayurvedic massages. Jaipur is also very famous for its 'herbal beauty care centers' known as 'Kaya Kalp'.Ayurvedic medicines and 'Ayurvedic massages' are now getting very popular.