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Rajasthan Paintings

Miniature Paintings : Although miniature painting is most often associated with Mughal art, it dates back many centuries in India where different styles developed. Yes, a major change in style occurred Mughal rulers came with Persian artists to India. Thus paintings in a new, distinctive Mughal style came into existence.

Gemstone Paintings : The brighter colors are added to various Rajasthani paintings by the use of gemstone grinded finely. Various precious and semi precious stones are used for different colors in a gemstone painting.

Phad Paintings : Par paintings depict incidents in the lives of the folk hero-deities Pabuji and Devnarayan of Rajasthan. Traditionally, they are used to accompany a ritual in which the heroes' deeds are sung or recited by priests

Kajali Paintings : The collection of Special Art of Rajasthan, which is done by very few people in certain parts of Rajasthan. Every painting, made from black kajal and stone colors, requires extensive hard work and expert hands.

Kishangarh Paintings : The most important styles developed during 17th/18th century were in Mewar, Marwar, Ambal, Kishangarh, and Hadoti. The Kishangarh artists under the patronage of their rulers Raja Mansingh and Sawant Singh in 17th century painted the romantic miniatures based on the stories of Radha and Krishna.

Bani Thani Paintings : The Kishengarh school excels in its Bani Thani paintings. The originality of style can be credited to its royal patron - Raja Sawant Singh, also known as Nagari Das, who was the originator of these paintings