Visit Mandawa : The Gem Of Shekhawati

In the heart of the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan lies the beautiful small town Mandawa, known throughout the state for its forts and havelis. The structure of this place reminds one of the cultural and social hotspot this place used to be in the bygone era. Mandawa is a small town in northern Rajasthan. It is in the Shekhawati Region and is a fort town. Established during the 17th and 18th century, this town is very popular places to shoot movies so don’t be surprised to see some famous actors and actresses during your visit to this beautiful town. The town is dotted with numerous havelis and is said to be an open art gallery due to the number of beautifully decorated havelis. Mandawa is a popular spot for tourists, but you are still sure to be able to visit the town’s attraction in peace. Here are a five of the many amazing places you should visit during your trip.

Mandawa Fort :-

The Mandawa Fort is among the most frequented tourist spots in the region and well known for its splendid architecture and great collection of paintings that depict Lord Krishna in days of his early childhood and youth. The walls of the palace are adorned with intricate carvings, paintings and elaborate mirror work. The once Durbal Hall has been converted into an exhibit of numerous paintings and antiques. The Fort has now been converted into a major hotel. Each and every wing of the Fort is characterized by a distinct theme. The open terrace offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire town. You can still feel the ambience of those yesteryears while you linger around the majestic rooms of the palace.

Lakshminarayan Ladia Haveli :-

Lakshminarayan Ladia Haveli is one of the most picturesque havelis in this fairytale town of Mandawa. Nestled amidst the Aravallis, this stupendous architectural marvel reflects the glory of the majestic Rajput era. From the excellent paintings done in blue wash to the amazing murals and frescoes depicting Hindu mythological themes, the place has plenty to keep you occupied for hours.

Mohan Lal Saraf Haveli :-

The Mohan Lal Saraf Haveli is well known for its beautiful collection of portraits and paintings. The carved archways and the walls of the palace are decorated with stunning frescoes. The sprawling halls and the latticed windows give this place an otherworldly, medieval aura. The elaborate courtyard also makes a fine excursion spot for tourists. Other attractions in the area include Thakurji Temple, Harlalka Well, Goenka chattri, Tanu Manu Saraf Haveli and Akhramka Haveli.

Binsidhar Newatia Haveli :-

This haveli, built during the 1920s, is currently house a branch of the State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur. Even though it is a bank now, you can visit Binsidhar Newatia haveli and take in the amazing sites. The beautifully designed building is truly a sight to behold while the paintings on display in the building are unique and funny. You can witness the Wright brothers flying their plane while women in saris look on. You can truly see how the royal people of Rajasthan used to live once you visit this beautiful haveli.

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