Top 8 Tourist attractions in Khajuraho

The biggest tourist attractions in Khajuraho are undoubtedly the erotic sculptures on the temples. Perfectly carved figurines depict the scenes and postures straight from Kamasutra – the ancient Indian erotica. Khajuraho is also known for Yoga practices and Khajuraho Dance Festival. Khajuraho Festival grandly welcomes the summer season with the performances of Indian cultural dance forms. Here is the list of tourist attractions in Khajuraho.


Khajuraho Temples:-  Khajuraho temples are declared World Heritage Sites. The intricate work on the sculptures and the stunning architecture are beyond description. The erotic cravings are incredible. The famous temples in Khajuraho- Lakshmana TempleVishwanath templeKandariya Mahadev templeBrahma TempleVamana TempleChitragupta TempleDulhadev TempleJavari TempleNandi TempleAdinath TempleChausath Yogini TempleDevi Jagdamba TempleVaraha TempleShantinath TempleBeejamandal TempleParsvanath TempleMatangeshwara Temple.

Panna National Park

Panna National Park: – Panna National Park houses numerous wildlife species and it is ranked amongst the famous Tiger Reserves in India. Apart from tigers, you could spot leopard, hyena, wolf and many other wild creatures.

raneh fall Khajuraho

Rane Falls: – Some 20kms away from Khajuraho, the Ken River plunges down to a 5 km long, 30mtrs deep canyon, giving birth to the spectacular Rane Falls. The crystalline granites on the backdrop present a mesmerizing pallet of color from pink to gray.

Ajaigarh Fort Khajuraho

Ajaigarh Fort :-  Ajaigarh Fort is situated at an altitude of 206 meters on the Vindhya mountain range. Located on the flat-topped projection, the fort offers breathtaking views of the Ken river. The fort is a glorious example of the architectural excellence possessed by the artisans during Chandela dynasty.

Ayurarogyam Khajuraho

Ayur Arogyam :- Ayur Arogyam, a famous Ayurvedic centre in Khajuraho, was set up by Narayanankutty Nambiar, a native of Kottakkal (popular as the land of Ayurveda in the Indian state of Kerala).

Archaeological Museum Khajuraho

Archaeological Museum Khajuraho:-  The museum is located near western group of Khajuraho temples. The museum houses architectural ruins and loose sculptures, which once belonged to the temples of Khajuraho. With an aim to preserve antiques, the museum was constructed and it has over 2000 sculptures.

Beni Sagar Dam

Beni Sagar Dam :- Beni Sagar Dam is a beautiful picnic spot, located on the border of the temple town of Khajuraho. Built over the Khuddar River, it is a colossal structure that stretches across an area of about 7.7 square kilometres.