Things To Do In Rajasthan During Rajasthan Holidays

Rajasthan is most popular travel destination in india, an mixture of different tour themes. There are many breathtaking forts and palaces to visit in Rajasthan, rural villages to take a tour of, rugged sandy terrains of  thar desert safari, a night in desert Swiss tent gazing stars under the open sky, tiger jeep safari as well as many religious places to see in land of royals. If you are travelling to Rajasthan any time soon, keep this list of things to do in Rajasthan. These activities are for the lifetime experiences so definitely make it a part of your Rajasthan tour itinerary. As its a once in a lifetime experiences.


Forts and palaces in Rajasthan
The colorful state of Rajasthan has so much to offer to a visiting tourist that even a considerable time period seems to float away like a second. The landscape, wildlife and festivals, all have an irresistible charm that draw tourists like a magnet. Infact, the people of the state itself are extremely spirited lot who love to live their life to fullest despite the hardships they have to encounter in their day to day routine.
Irrespective of all this, the forts and palaces of Rajasthan have their own distinct place. Actually, it will not be wrong to state that the name ‘Rajasthan’ itself invokes images of indomitable forts and elegant palaces in the mind of tourists. These forts and palaces have become a sort of symbol for Rajasthan. The impressive structures, meant to serve the defensive as well as the dwelling and official purposes of the ruling clan, are spread throughout the state and remind tourists of the rich Rajputana lifestyle – laced with courage, passion, romance, sacrifice and love for art & architecture.

Fresco paintings shekhawati

The region of Shekhawati in Rajasthan is remarkable for its wealth of mural paintings which adorn the walls of many buildings, including havelis. Most important destinations for fresco paintings are nawalgarh ,mandawa, alsisar, jhajhar, parasrampura , ramgarh, fatehpur etc

The Ranakpur Jain Temples

command huge respect from the Jain community worldwide. Built during the rule of Rana Kumbha, these temples have included Ranakpur in the list of five main pilgrim destinations of Jains in India. History has it that Rana Kumbha donated a vast stretch of land to Dhanna Shah so as to enable him to realize his dream of building a great temple. Today, these temples attract thousands of visitors every year from across the country and abroad

Rajasthani rural Villages

Portraying The real india The villages of Rajasthan are a classic way of exploring the arduous life of Rajasthani folks who thrive on the stubborn pulse of nature.
Nestling happily on the rugged terrains, the people caress a unique lifestyle that surely adds colour to the village lifestyle. Wrinkled tree thickets, beautifully painted kitchen walls with smoke coming out of the rusted windows, drooping camels chewing light green fodder lazily and half-naked children playing with their what gives Rajasthani villages an extra edge for rural tourism. Fresh butter churned out in front of you while you savour the spicy flavour of village cuisine only adds to the crust. Come on, experience a lifestyle still untouched by the hands of modernity. A life still veiled from electricity, where you might have to fetch your own pail of water..

Ranthambore national park tiger safari

Tiger Photographic Safari is an effort to create a public awareness about this endangered species. So come and join the movement, explore and expand your wildlife and nature photography skills and improve the caliber of your images in the Tiger country. We welcome you to join the Tiger tour Safari accompanied by a Tiger Expert of more than 10 years experience in tracking the tiger. The tiger Safari ranthmabore known for it’s highest Tiger density and sightings.

Pushkar fair

Pushkar is a sacred town for the Hindus, situated 11 kms. to the north-west of Ajmer. About 400 temples and shrines are located at Pushkar around its holy lake, which finds a mention in the Padma Purana. Legend has it that Lord Brahma in search for a spot to hold his ‘yagna’ (religious ritual), dropped the lotus from his hand, the three spots touched by this flower were turned into lakes. These are today known as the ‘Jyeshtha Pushkar’ (main Pushkar), the ‘Madhyam Pushkar’ (medium Pushkar) and the ‘Kanishtha Pushkar’ (little Pushkar). A temple dedicated to Lord Brahma is located at Pushkar; the other important temples are those of Gayatri, Savitri, Shiv and Badri Narayan. In the month of oct – Nov worlds largest camel fair take place so book your camps stay in advance .

Jaisalmer camel safari with camp stay

Overnight desert camp stay with camel safaris are a fantastic way to experience the wonders of the thar  desert.  You will be taken to the camel point by jeep and will ride through the varied landscape of the Thar desert – arid scrubland, fields ploughed by tenacious farmers, and rocky outcrops, dotted with huts and temples and affording plenty of opportunities to spot the local wildlife.and star gazing in night will create a everlasting moments.

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