Rajasthan Budget Tour Packages India

Rajasthan is one of the greatest attractions in India for both domestic and foreign tourists. It really is a paradise for tourists with its historical forts, magnificent royal palaces, beautiful lakes, sandy deserts, wildlife sanctuaries and religious centers. Thankfully, Rajasthan hosts everyone – a super-rich tourist or an ordinary traveler. For those who wish to embark on a budget tour to Rajasthan, a little planning and home work would do no harm.

India is believed to be incredible country and Rajasthan is believed to be the incredible state of India. Rajasthan is the state of palaces; land of deserts, place of havelis etc. rajasthan is place which speaks about its royal past of all the rajputana families and royal kings who are still famous for their love towards nation, their stubborn behavior, their braveness to defeat any enemy. People of Rajasthan have a different dressing style and are shaped very strong due to the climate. The cities of Rajasthan are among the most visited and travelled cities in the country, which includes the pink city i.e. Jaipur, famous for Hawamahal, Udaipur renowned for lake palaces, Jaisalmer and something which is not to be forgot is Sam sand dunes of Rajasthan and also the Mehrangarh fort. There are so many places to be visited, the famous rajasthani cuisine to be tasted and the unique hospitality of Rajasthan to be felt and enjoyed which definitely gives you a royal treatment making one feel like a member of royal rajasthani family.

The tour packages of Rajasthan enriches one with incomparable experiences of heritage hotels, huge forts and monuments and also the luxury trains like Palace on Wheels, Royal Orient, Fairy Queen. These trains are designed to showcase the royal past of the rajputana family and therefore are one of the major attraction of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan tour packages offers everything to cover all the aspects of this incredible state including festivals, culture, cuisine, wild life, golden deserts, elephant safaris, kite festivals etc. it also caters the need and hunger of a sportsmen for adventurous sports like boating in Chambal river through the Vindhayan plateau or also enjoy the sightseeing in the air by hot air balloons or small aircraft, one can also play golf or try his or her hands on archery.

The tour packages of Rajasthan is planned so well, keeping in mind all the heritage sites and important locations which shall not to be missed and also taking care of the traveler’s budget. The destinations include remarkable places like Alwar, Ajmer Pushkar, Bikaner, Bundi, Bharatpur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, kota, Mount Abu, Ranthambor etc.

Rajasthan is culturally rich because of its past history which in a way or the other gives a small clear picture of Indian way of lifestyle.i.e. full of culture, arts, and tradition. The music and folk dance of this incredible place is fascinating and mesmerizing, which would leave a beautiful remark in your life and the tour packages of Rajasthan would certainly help you experience immeasurable pleasure and a promise to never disappoint you.

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