Rajasthan A True Royal State In All Ways

Rajasthan Tourism –
 In northern India, there is a state known as Rajasthan. The diverse culture and climate is the reason that make this unique from others. Rajasthan word made from two words raja (king) and Sathan (place) so it stands for place of kings. Means Rajasthan has very historical past and its each and every place have different stories and cultures.

Jodhpur –
In the thar Desert of Rajasthan there is a place jodhpur called as blue city. Jodhpur, the second largest city in Rajasthan, jodhpur is famous for its blue buildings, which were originally painted to signify that they were occupied by Brahmins. The former palace Mehrangarh was fort in past now it’s a museum. It attract the visitors most. Its walls, architecture are made by renowned artists of their era. These Jodhpur attractions and places to visit will give you a diverse experience of the city.

Jaipur is a major tourist destination in India. The city was planned according to Indian Vastu shastra by Vidyadhar Bhattacharya in 1727.  India’s desert capital of Jaipur, affectionately referred to as the Pink City because of the pink walls and buildings of the old city, lures visitors with its stunning remnants of a bygone era. Jaipur was built by Sawai Jai Singh II, a Rajput king who ruled from 1699 to 1744. In 1727, he decided it was necessary to shift from Amber Fort to a location providing more space and better facilities, and began to construct the city. Jaipur is actually India’s first planned city, and the king put great effort into its design

Jaisalmer’s ethereal sandstone Fort, which resembles a massive sandcastle rising from the desert, is the city’s focal point. The Fort was built in 1156 by Rajput ruler Jaisal, who also founded the city at the same time. Jaisalmer is also known for the fairytale architecture of its magnificent historichavelis (mansions), located both inside and out of the Fort. Many can be found in the narrow lanes north of the Fort.  It’s possible to stay at a desert camp in the area.

Pushkar –
An astonishing 30,000 camels converge on the tiny desert town of Pushkar, in India’s state of Rajasthan, for the annual Pushkar Fair. It’s a fascinating and peculiar sight, and a great opportunity to witness an old traditional-style Indian festival. The fair has now also become a major tourist attraction, with the camel trading part being surpassed by a formal program of activities arranged by Rajasthan Tourism. According to legends, Lord Brahma, believed to be the creator of the Universe dropped a lotus to the ground leading to the immediate creation of a lake. He then decided to name the place after the flower, and thus the name, Pushkar.

Mount abu-
The only hill station of Rajasthan, its cool atmosphere and lush green surroundings make it a major tourist spot within the state. The most important attraction, however, are undoubtedly the Dilwara temples, which is one of the most stunning piece of architecture in the country.  Aravalli Hills, where Mount Abu is situated, are of peculiar beauty that is difficult to understand if one has seen only the sand dunes of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. Considered as the ‘oasis of the desert’ for being home to some rivers, lakes, waterfalls, etc, this hill destination is respite from the scalding heat of Rajasthan.

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