Popular Places To Visit In Pushkar During Rajasthan Tour

Pushkar is the holi city of rajasthan. Pushkar does not need any introduction for the glory, history and culture that it exhibits. One of the ancient cities of the country, located in Ajmer, it has been largely known for its religious significance as the city boasts of one of the very rare temples of Lord Brahma(Hindu god). The annual cattle fair, the holy lake, a handful of adventure activities, and endless emotions to capture on camera — Pushkar has it all for any avid traveler. Just before we introduce you to an exclusive list of places to visit in Pushkar, here are a few essentials.

Places To Visit In Pushkar :- 

Brahma Temple Pushkar :-
Pushkar has as many as 400 temples in this region. Among the various temples, the Brahma temple is one of the most visited temples in Rajasthan. It is one of the most important pilgrimage spot to visit in Rajasthan. Brahma temple in Pushkar is truly a worthy visit. The temple is dedicated to Lord Brahma. The temple was built in the 14th century in close proximity to the Pushkar Lake. There are a number of features of the temple that will surely attract your attention. Features like the walls of the temple being wrapped up with silver coins reflect a great art work. There is also a great silver turtle on the floor. The splendid architecture of the temple is a major draw for the tourists. On visiting the temple, you will be able to know a lot about the Rajasthani architecture. The Brahma temple in Pushkar is the only temple in India that is dedicated Lord Brahma. Apart from this, the temple also has a number of other spiritual significance attached to it

Pushkar Lake :-
Rajasthan has a number of attractions that offers a great experience to the tourists. Rajasthan offers a lot of variety to tourists. Its tourist attractions range from desert to forts and palaces. The place also has a number of beautiful lakes and gardens. The lakes in particular manage to attract a lot of tourists. These lakes not only offer scenic beauty but also have a lot of spiritual significance. Hence, not only regular tourists, it also attracts a large number of devotees. The Pushkar Lake is one of the most visited tourist spots in Rajasthan. The fairs and festivals at this place will be an added attraction for the tourists. it is also regarded as one of the most important pilgrimage spot in Rajasthan. The lake especially experiences a high tourist count during the months of October-November as a cattle fair is held in this region. Thousands of tourists flock the place to witness the fair and take a holy dip in the lake. The practice of taking a dip in the waters of Pushkar Lake is regarded auspicious. Hence, a visit to the Pushkar Lake is a must during your tour to Rajasthan.

Pushkar Palace :-
Pushkar palace is one of the most acknowledged palaces in Rajasthan. The famous royal mansion is located 145 kilometers from the nearest airport and only 13 kilometers from the railway station. It is not far away from the bus stand either as it is only 0.5 kilometer away from the bus stand. The marvelous architecture of the palace provides you a picture of the Rajasthani architecture. Hence, tourists flock the palace in large numbers to get a detailed idea of the various features of the Rajasthani architecture. The palace is currently converted into a heritage hotel.

Pushkar Tour Package –

Pushkar is one of the most attractive destinations in Rajasthan. The variety of attractions, Temples ,  lakes  in the city makes it a dream destination for tourists. Just as you will find places with historical importance in Pushkar , there are also places in Rajasthan that boasts a lot of natural beauty.
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