Must See Famous Temples In Jaisalmer

Every city in Rajasthan has a historic or legendary temple. These temples are not just a place of worship for the locals but have also become an important tourist attraction in Rajasthan. In Jaisalmer there are many religious temples and places here are some.

Famous Religious Temples In Jaisalmer  – 

Tanot Mata Temple :-
Tanot Mata Temple is 78 Kms from Jaisalmer city and very close to Pokhran where India’s second nuclear test look place in 1999 by Army. A chapter of Indo-Par 1965 war took place near Tanot Mata temple. Every thing got destroyed by the 3000 Pakistani tanks missiles but not even a single bullet touched the temple. This scene was also presented in 1997 Bollywood movie Border. Watch this 3 minutes news documentary by Zee news on Tanot Mata temple importance for locals, Indian & even Pakistani Army

Jain temples In Lodhruva :-
Lodhruva is a small city 5 Kms away from Jaisalmer and is famous of its Jain Temple. This is a 900 year old temple dedicated to 23rd Tirthankara. The temple was also destroyed by Muhammad Ghori in 1152 AD and after 800+ years it was rebuilt by locals along with government officials and they brought the temple back to its glory. Jain temples of Lodhruva are beautiful and surrounded with Sand sun dunes making it a destination to explore. Well there are a few more of amazing temples to explore around near & in Jaisalmer.

Laxminath Temple :-
Laxminath Temple is inside the famous Jaisalmer fort and belongs to the Hindu deities of Vishnu & his wife Laxmi. The temples receive a large number of travellers as Jaisalmer fort is at the top on the list of places to visit in Jaisalmer. Rao Lunkaran build this temple in 1494 and the structure & artefacts of this temple are simple astonishing and is a must see place in Jaisalmer.

There are many more famous temple and places in jaisalmer to visit. Visit our website for more information about jaisalmer and for exciting tour packages in jaisalmer Rajasthan.

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