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Jaisalmer is the largest district of Rajasthan located in the western border of the state. Lying in the heart of the Thar Desert, the town of Jaisalmer is the administrative headquarters of the district. It stands on a ridge of yellow sand-stone and because of this and the golden sands; it is nick-named as the Golden City. The town was once a Rajput state of the same name and still harbors a majestic fort of the glorious bygone days. The city has many intriguing and amazing attractions which makes it a must-visit destination in the itinerary of India travelers. The right choice from among the Hotels in Jaisalmer can enable the travelers to secure a pleasant and rewarding tour of the city.


The prime lure of the desert town is the magnificent Jaisalmer fort that was built out of yellow sandstone in 1156.A.D. Rawal Jaisal, the sixth in succession from the renowned Bhati Rajput warriors, founded the fort and city of Jaisalmer and made it the centre of his kingdom. The fort is not just a tourist attraction like many others in India; it is a living one with a quarter of the population dwelling inside it. The tawny lion colored fortress slowly dons on a charming honey-color during the night; thus providing a rare experience for those who visit it. The city also has a rich Jain heritage, an uncommon feature in India despite being the homeland of the religion. The temples adorn Jaisalmer with their magnificent architecture and rich craftsmanship. Some of the oldest libraries of the country are located here showcasing the most atypical manuscripts and artifacts related to the Jain tradition.


Jaisalmer has some splendid examples of those havelis that served as the residences of those who were in the royal service. Visiting the havelis is a tour into the days of the 15th century. The buildings that were built then are still intact and display genuine Rajasthani architecture of the former days. The descendants of those figures who played significant roles in the olden days still live in those havelis and the very fact invokes a special interest in a traveler. The magnificent city draws the maximum number of tourists during the Desert Festival that usually occurs in the months of January and February.

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Traveling to Jaipur is a qualm-free affair as it is well-connected by road and railways. The luxury travel train, Palace on Wheels has a stop in Jaisalmer and so has many other trains. There is an airport which is a functional air-force base but travelers can obtain commercial airlines like Kingfisher during the time of the Desert Festival. A civil airport is under construction and once realized, many of the laudable “Hotels in Jaisalmer” will be converted to “Hotels Near Jaisalmer Airport”.

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